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The CDU recorded just 28.7 percent of the overall vote, while 20.7 percent went to Alliance 90. The nation’s democratic party finished third. The shock result came a night of surprising selections for representatives to the European Parliament.

Italy was left stunned as right-wing group League secured the country’s majority.

In France, Marine Le Pen took valuable votes from Emmanuel Macron’s Resistance.

While the Brexit Party in the UK made history by becoming the largest group to secure wins in the polls.

Led by Matteo Salvini, League won convincingly – gaining around 32 percent of the nation’s vote.

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He said: “A new Europe is born.

“I am proud that the League is participating in this new European renaissance.

“I ask for an acceleration on the government programme.”

Nigel Farage was elected to represent the South East and is leader of the Brexit Party.

Following his victory, Mr Farage tweeted: “Never before in British politics has a party just 6 weeks old won a national election.

“If Britain does not leave the EU on October 31st, these results will be repeated at a general election.

“History has been made.

“This is just the beginning.”


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