European elections results LIVE: Corbyn HUMILIATED as Labour loses London stronghold | Politics | News

European elections results LIVE: Corbyn HUMILIATED as Labour loses London stronghold | Politics | News 1


Mr Corbyn’s party looks set to become the third party in the UK following Thurday’s European elections as projections show the Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats seizing seats. Nigel Farage is topping the poll in several regions in the UK, gaining more than 40 percent of the votes in six regions so far. Across the EU, voting has been taking place since Thursday, with the majority of polls opening today. 

Among the countries which could cause a huge shake up there are Italy, France and the UK, with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage having already declared the vote will place him as the kingmaker of British politics as voters protest the Brexit chaos.

Mr Farage told Fox News: “On Sunday night, we get the results of the European elections.

“The Conservative Party will get less than 10 percent of the vote.  

“The Brexit Party which I founded six weeks ago is expected to top the polls with 35 percent. 

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european elections results live update latest 2019 EU polls Brexit party theresa may

Nigel Farage said these elections will place him as the kingmaker in British policy (Image: GETTY)

european elections results live update latest 2019 EU polls Brexit party theresa may

Priti Patel admitted her fears for the Conservative Party tonight (Image: GETTY)

“Whoever the Conservatives choose, whether it’s Boris or not, without my support they won’t win the next election.”

The latest opinion poll, carried out by Survation for the Daily Mail on May 22 on 2,029 people, placed the Brexit Party at 31 percent, with a 8 percent lead on the Labour Party, followed by the Conservative at 14 percent and the Liberal Democrats at 12 percent.

Priti Patel, the former International Development Secretary, admitted her fears for the Conservative Party tonight.

In an article for the Sunday Express, the MP for Witham wrote: “Not only is the party set to have its worse result in a nationwide poll in its 180-year history but we find ourselves competing with minority parties.

“How on earth did it come to this? Rarely have we witnessed such a level of anger.”   

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1.14am update: Italy right-wing party wins in north of country

Italy’s far-right League party will gain 41 percent of the overall votes in the election, according to Europe Elects. 

The group has around 32 percent of the vote so far on the night, well above votes for the Democratic Party.

Interior minister Matteo Salvini leads League, which came third in the 2018 general election.

He said previously: “As far as I’m concerned, if the League wins nothing changes in Italy, everything will change in Europe, starting from tomorrow.”

1.09am update: Tory MEP Daniel Hannan say ‘this is our worst ever election result’

The newly-elected Tory MEP in the South east Daniel Hannan said “this is the worst ever election result” for the Conservatives. 

He told the BBC: “I think we’ve done a lot worse than we did in 1832, I think in terms of national vote share we .. this is our worst ever result.

“You don’t need to be a psephologist to understand why, you don’t need all those clever experts and gizmos you’ve got in the studio .. we voted to leave and we haven’t left yet.

“It’s that simple and as long as that is the case you will have a chunk of the electorate that is polarised and is effectively going to vote for the single-issue pro and anti-Brexit parties.”

12.32am update: Brexit Party win in North west as no Conservatives are elected

The Brexit Party received 31 percent of the vote share in the North west as Labour came second with 17 percent. 

A total of three Brexit party MEPs were elected as Labour also win two seats. 

No Conservative seats were won as the party currently has three seats across the UK. 

12.26am update: Portgual’s socialist party holds majority in country

The PS socialist party in Portugal has won a majority in the country as the socialist democratic party comes second. 

The PS party won 33 percent of the votes as PSD won 22 percent.

12.22am update: Nigel Farage re-elected as MEP in South east

Nigel Farage has been re-elected in the South east as the Brexit Party win with 36 percent of the votes. 

Out of the 10 seats, four Brexit MEPs were elected in the region.

Mr Farage said he hopes “the government are listening”. 

He added his party are getting ready for a general election.

ann widdecombe

Ann Widdecombe is elected as an MEP in South west (Image: GETTY)

12.17am update: Brexit party chairman says people support no deal

Brexit party chairman Richard Tice MEP said the success of his party shows millions of people want a no deal Brexit. 

Mr Tice said: “We are incredibly humbled by the fact that millions of others across the country are backing our simple message to restore trust in democracy, and are sending a clear message back to Westminster that we want a WTO Brexit.”

He added Brexit Party MEPs should have a “significant role” in EU neogtiations. 

12.14am update: Tory MEP blames defeat on division within party and calls elections ‘second referendum’

Conservative South East MEP Nirj Deva dismisses Brexit Party’s gains. 

Mr Deva told the Guardian: “They have no national programme, they have no national ethos.

“What are they going to do on the NHS? What is there policy on transport? What is their policy on social housing or the Green belt?

“It’s a single issue party, so once they’ve busted themselves on this single issue what is left?”

He added: “this was not a European election, it was a second referendum.”

12.06am update: Brexit Party currently in lead with 18 MEPs

The Brexit party have gained 18 seats in the UK so far, the Liberal Democrats have 9 and Labour 5. 

The Greens and Conservatives are typing with two seats and Ukip and Change UK have failed to gain any seats so far.

The Brexit party are on course to win as six constituencies out of 11 have their resulted counted.

Labour and Conservatives have received huge backlash following Brexit failure.

23.50pm update: Breixt Party’s Ann Widdecombe becomes MEP in South west

The Brexit party won in the South west as they gain 36 percent of the overall vote with 611, 742 supporters. 

The group claimed three seats in the region as James Glancy and Christina Jordan were also appoined as MEPs. 

Ms Widdecombe said the Brexit Party should have a role in the EU negotiations.

Liberal Democrats elected Caroline Voaden and Martin Horwood. 

The Green Party also won a seat with Molly Scott Cato.


Spain’s socialist party take majority in country (Image: GETTY)

23.46pm update:  Spain’s ruling socialist party (PSOE) wins 20 seats

The socialist party has won 20 seats and 32 percent of the vote after 98 percent of the vote is counted. 

Its Conservative rivals came second with 12 seats. 

While the far right Vox picked up only three seats after winning 24 seats in the general election the month before.

23.44pm update: Lord Heseltine voted Liberal Democrat

Lord Michael Heseltine, the former Conservative deputy Prime Minister announced he voted for the Liberal Democrats. 

He declared earlier this month he would not vote for the Tories after he was suspended from the party. 

Lord Heseltine told  BBC Radio 5 Live: “I did what I believed to be in the national interest, and it fulfilled a warning that I gave to my party many months ago that the Liberal Democrats would take a significant number of Conservative votes, which they have done.”

23.42pm update: Brexit Party takes Yorkshire and Humber 

The Brexit Party got 36 percent of the overall vote in Yorkshire and Humber. 

The Labour Party came at 16 percent while Conservatives received just seven percent, according to Britain Elects.

Lucy Harris, newly-elected Brexit Party MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, tweeted: “Three years ago I sat at my desk working in publishing, disgusted at how ordinary people were being described & socially rejected for casting a democratic vote. Today we got them a real voice.

“My deepest & sincerest gratitude to friends & democrats who’ve put their trust in me.

“The undermining of our democracy must be acknowledged. The injustice of denying our historic vote will not go unchallenged or unconfronted. Thank you for sending that message to Westminster today.”

nigel farage

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party wins West Midlands and Wales (Image: GETTY)

23.29pm update: Alistair Campbell says he voted Liberal Democrat in another blow to Labour Party

The former press secretary to Tony Blair told BBC he voted against Labour. 

He said: “I didn’t vote Labour for the first time in my life and it was a very, very strange feeling.

“But I just felt on this issue, at this time, the Labour party has let its own supporters down, it has let its own members down and I think it has let the country down in the way that it has failed properly to devise a policy that the country and the party could unite around, and the way that it failed to campaign.”

23.11pm update: Tories lose both their seats in London as Liberal Democrats win 

The Liberal Democrats gained three seats in London as Irina Von Wiese, Dinesh Dhamija, Luisa Porritt become MEPs. 

Labour lost two seats and the Brexit party gained three.

Senior Labour sources dear they will lose both of their current seats in Scotland as SNP carve out substatial lead.

However, Britain Elects has estimated SNP will not make gain and keep the two seats it already has in the region.

Claire Anderson taking over live reporting from Alice Scarsi. 

22.56pm update: Labour’s stronghold in London is claimed by Liberal Democrats – HUMILIATION for Labour

The Liberal Democrats claimed the top spot in Islington, where Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry have Westminster seats. 

The embarrassing result for Labour saw them claim 19,017 votes compared with 19,890 for the Liberal Democrats.

Labour MP Margaret Hodge tweeted: “Second place in Lewisham, Haringey, Camden & Lambeth. Third in Barnet.

“We can’t take our support for granted. Without a clear position on Brexit even many Labour strongholds will abandon us. Plain and simple.”

22.51pm update: Andrew Adonis takes a swipe at Jeremy Corbyn for elections strategy

Labour MEP candidate Andrew Adonis complained about the strategy adopted during the European elections campaign by the Labour Party as anti-Brexit party Liberal Democrats look set to become the second strongest movement in the UK.

He wrote on Twitter: “Very clear that if Labour had been the party of Remain in this election, we would have won.” 

22.50pm update: Brexit Party TOPPING the poll in several regions

Brexit Party tops the poll in South Hams, where Conservatives were largest in the 2014 elections and Remain won in the 2016 Euro referendum.

Voting for main parties was: Brexit 11,278, Liberal Democrat 7,595, Green Party 6,867, Conservatives 2,808, Labour 1,218, Change UK 1,032 and Ukip 694.  

It also tops the poll in Cotswold, where Conservatives were largest in the 2014 elections and Remain won in the 2016 Euro referendum.

Voting for main parties was: Brexit 10,275, Liberal Democrat 9,067, Green Party 4,217, Conservatives 3,741, Change UK 922, Labour 851 and Ukip 715.

22.40pm update: Tommy Robinson plays down chances of winning a seat in the EU elections

Independent candidate Tommy Robinson played down his chances of winning one of the eight seats available in the North West.

Speaking at the Manchester count, the former leader of the English Defence League said he had faced a “near impossible task” and claimed it was not a fair campaign as he was unable to get across his message on social media platforms.

He said: “I am not allowed social media. I am not able to interact with the public.”

“But more than anything every community I have gone to – every working class estate – I have so felt loved, more than I have ever felt in my life.”

22.30pm update: Nigel Farage gains MORE THAN 40 PERCENT in six regions – exit poll

Nigel Farage is to make major gains in the European elections, according to exit polls from Britain Elects. 

The partial results shared so far for Folkestone & Hythe shows the party at more than 48 percent. 

In Corby, the party seems to have gained 40.2 percent and in Telford & Wrekin 41 percent. 

These are not final results as the vote counting is still ongoing. 

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage came first in 13 of the first areas to declare (Image: GETTY)

22.25pm update: Brexit Party to WIN European elections in Britain as Conservative Party vote share FALLS

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party looks set to win the European elections, according to the BBC’s forecast

The Brexit party came first in 13 of the first areas to declare with over 40 percent of the vote in five of those, as shown by Britain Elects’ projections.

On the other hand, the Conservative Party is predicted to come fourth, trailing behind the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party.

Britain’s Brexit Party is on course for a big win in the country’s European Parliament elections, leader Nigel Farage said on Sunday ahead of the release of official results.

Mr Farage told reporters: “The intelligence I get is that the Brexit party is doing pretty well.

“It looks like it’s going to be a big win for the Brexit Party.”

22.20pm update: Greece to have snap elections in June

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he would call snap elections following the defeat of his Syriza party in European Parliament elections.

Results showed his party trailing by up to nine points behind the opposition New Democracy party. Under normal circumstances, Mr Tsipras’s mandate ends in October.

In a speech Tsipras said he would meet with the Greek President to discuss calling elections immediately after the conclusion of a second round of local Greek elections scheduled for next week.

10.02pm update: Matteo Salvini’s Lega becomes the largest party in Italy 

Far-right Lega is expected to win between 26 to 31 percent of the votes, becoming Italy’s largest party in the European Parliament, according to an exit poll shared by Italian broadcaster Rai. 

This represents a major gain since last year’s general elections, where Lega obtained 17 percent of the votes.

According to this exit poll, Lega would be followed by centre-left Democratic Party at 20.5/25 percentage. 

The Five Star Movement, Mr Salvini’s Government ally, looks set to become the third party in the country, with only 18 percent.  

If confirmed, such a result could alter the balance of power within the Lega-Five Star Movement Government coalition, giving greater authority to Mr Salvini, who is pushing for swingeing tax cuts in possible defiance of EU budget rules. 

Matteo Salvini

Matteo Salvini looks set to become the leader of the strongest party in Italy (Image: GETTY)

10pm update: ‘Green wave’ takes over Europe while far-right and eurosceptics fall behind 

Greens across Europe seem to have gained more seats than in 2014. 

Much of the gain in support of the environmental cause came from the northern European countries that were once the continent’s industrial heartlands, where young people have taken to the streets to demand a break from a legacy of dependence on fossil fuels.

In Germany in particular, the Green Party leapt into second place behind Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU conservatives, with voters under the age of 30 accounting for a third of their vote, according to exit polls. 

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, CDU leader, said: “This election was above all about the issue of climate and climate protection.” 

9.55pm update: Leftist Greek leader Alexis Tsipras likely to call SNAP ELECTIONS following European defeat

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is likely to call snap elections in June, a source in his Syriza party said on Sunday on condition of anonymity.

Syriza, first elected in 2015, suffered a heavy defeat in the elections for new MEP, trailing behind the main opposition New Democracy party by about nine points.

Mr Tsipras was due to issue a statement on Sunday evening.

Leo Varadkar

Leo Varadkar congratulated with the Greens for their results in the EU elections (Image: GETTY)

9.45pm update: Leo Varadkar CONGRATULATES with the Greens 

Ireland’s Prime Minister congratulated with the Greens as they surged in the European elections and looks set to gain between one and three of the 13 Irish seats up for grabs. 

He wrote on Twitter: “I want to congratulate the Greens on a very good election.

“It’s a very clear message from the public that they want us to do more on climate action – and we’ve got that message.

“That’s going to require lots of changes on individual level, community level and Govt level.” 

Earlier today, when asked whether he would join a coalition with the Green Party, he said: “I’m in a coalition already with independents and independent ministers, it’s lasted much longer than I think most people believed, including myself.

“We have got more done than a lot of people give us credit for and I think it would be really inappropriate for me to be looking around at the wall for a new dancing partner when we already have one.”

9.40pm update: Vote counting is completed in Finland 

The center-right National Coalition Party won the majority of seats with 20.8 percent, followed by the Greens with 16 percent and Social Democrats with 14.6 percent.

9.25pm update: Estimated declaration times 

The Press Association has released these estimated declaraation times for each British region. 

  • East Midlands – 11.30pm Sunday (11.20pm in 2014)
  • Eastern – 11.30pm Sunday (10.30pm in 2014)
  • London – 2am Monday (3.06am in 2014)
  • North-east – 10.30am Sunday (10.15am in 2014)
  • North-west – 12.30am Monday (12.24am in 2014)
  • Scotland – 11am Monday (12.35pm in 2014). N.B. Seats allocation for Scotland will be known from overnight local counts but the Western Isles count taking place in the day delays the final declaration.
  • Wales – 12.01am Monday (11.38pm Sunday in 2014)
  • South-east – 1am Monday (12.46pm in 2014)
  • South-west – 11.00pm Sunday (11.38pm in 2014)
  • West Midlands – 12.01am Monday (12.30am in 2014)
  • Yorkshire & the Humber – 11pm Sunday (11.28pm in 2014)

Guy Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt said his parliamentary group is set to become the kingmaker in Europe (Image: GETTY)

9.15pm update: Guy Verhofstadt group to become KINGMAKER in European Parliament thanks to Macron

Guy Verhofstadt announced Emmanuel Macron will join his parliamentary group in Europe, the ALDE, making it the kingmaker in the European Parliament. 

He said: “For the first time in 40 years, the two classical parties, Socialists and Conservatives will no longer have a majority.

“And that means that no solid pro-European majority is possible without the help, without the participation of our new centrist group.

“It’s clear this evening is a historical moment, because there will be a new balance of power in the European Parliament.” 

9.05pm update: Far-right AfD SURGES in east Germany

Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) won 10.5 percent, according to exit polls, approximately 3 percent more than what the party gathered in the 2014 EU election.

However, the reaul surge of the AfD too place in five east German states, where the AfD humiliated Angela Merkel’s CDU. 

In Saxony and Brandenburg, the AfD beat the CDU to first place, winning 30.1 and 22.1 percent respectively.

The the other three east German regions, the AfD came in second, obtaining in Thuringia 23.8 percent, 20 percent in Saxony-Anhalt and 19.8 percent in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Maximilian Krah, candidate from Saxony for the European Parliament

Maximilian Krah, candidate from Saxony for the European Parliament (Image: GETTY)

8.55pm update: Macron’s ally urges pro-EU force to “FIGHT” against eurosceptic in Parliament

Nathalie Loiseau told supporters the “fight isn’t over” after projections showed her party losing against Marine Le Pen’s National Rally.

Ms Loiseau, who led the Emmanuel Macron’s European list, rejoiced at the fact that “the voice of France will once again weigh in the European Parliament.”

She continued: “Yet we didn’t come in first, and we regret it.

“The fight isn’t over, we will continue the fight in the Parliament. I call on all the pro-European forces to come together.”

8.38pm updates:Far-right in Denmark LOSES votes

Danish far-right People’s Party (DPP) has lost 15 percent of the votes since 2014, according to an exit poll from national broadcaster DR. 

According to the news outlet, Social Democrats won the majority of seats with 23.6 percent, followed by  the Liberals at 20.6 percent, the Socialist People’s Party at 13 percent and the Danish People’s Party at 11.8 percent, from the astonishing 26.6 percent in 2014. 

These figures would see the DPP losing two out of the four seats it currently holds in the European Parliament.  

Nathalie Loiseau

Nathalie Loiseau urged pro-EU forces to ‘fight’ in Parliament against eurosceptic (Image: GETTY)

8.30pm update: Alexis Tsipras should RESIGN NOW, says opposition leader

Greek opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis called for the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday after Mr Mitsotakis’s party won the European elections.

He said: “It is obvious that the Greek people have withdrawn their confidence in this Government.

“The Prime Minister must assume his responsibilities.

“He must resign and the country should hold national elections the soonest possible.”

Early election results showed Mr Mitsotakis’s New Democracy party leading Tsipras’s Syriza party by up to nine points.

General elections in the country are scheduled to take place in October. 

8.20pm update: Marine Le Pen tells Emmanuel Macron to ‘draw consequences’ from today’s results and DISSOLVE Parliament

Marine Le Pen is already delivering her victory speech following the projections signalling she is ahead of Emmanuel Macron’s party. 

The leader of the National Rally focused her victory speech on national politics, saying: “It’s a vote for France and for the people.” 

And referring to the upcoming municipal and regional elections in 2020 and 20201, she said Mr Macron should “draw consequences” from today’s vote. 

She continued: “He has no other choice than, at least, to dissolve the National Assembly and adopt a more democratic voting system.

“This confirms the new divide between nationalists and globalists.” 

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen urged Emmanuel Macron to DISSOLVE Parliament following today’s defeat (Image: GETTY)

8pm update: Fine Gael MEP hopes to retain his seat

Fine Gael outgoing MEP Sean Kelly said he is hopeful of retaining his seat. 

Waiting for the approximately 750,000 ballot paper cast in the Ireland South constituency to be counted, Mr Kelly said: “Definitely it’s encouraging to be there or thereabouts.

“We put in a hard campaign, a long campaign. Sometimes people say people don’t notice what’s going on in Europe, but I think if I do well it’s an example to everybody that if you work hard people will notice.” 

Mr Kelly added he believed Fine Gael was “very much in contention” to retain two seats in the constituency, despite exit poll results showing the party’s candidates MEP Deirdre Clune and Andrew Doyle potentially being in difficulty. 

He added: “Transfers have a big bearing on a constituency and particularly when you have 23 candidates where there’s going to be a whole pile of transfers and if they fall the right way they’re going to push up candidates quite a lot.”

Leo Varadkar, Ireland's prime minister and Fine Gael leader

Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s prime minister and Fine Gael leader (Image: GETTY)

7.45pm update: First estimate aggregated results published

The centre-right movement looks set to remain the biggest political force in the European Parliament, according to the first overall projection with global figures for the political groups based on the structure of the outgoing Parliament.

The EPP would win 173 seats, while socialists would get 147 seats, according to the data released.

These results would see both blocs losing seats in favour of the Greens and the far-right. 

7.33pm update: Emmanuel Macron will ‘intensify’ its programme of reforms 

The French Government has acknowledged La Republique En Marche has been put in second place behind Marine Le Pen’s National Rally. 

However, officials called the second place disappointing “but not punishing”, and announced Mr Macron’s intension of “intensify” its programme in the second part of his mandate. 

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7.20pm update: Spain’s socialists hold majority of seats – exit poll 

Socialists in Spain are believed to have won the majority of the Spanish seats available in the European Parliament, a GAD3 opinion poll for ABC newspaper showed as voting ended.

The Socialists were seen winning 18 seats, up from 14 in 2014, while the far-right Vox was seen getting its first EU MEP, with four to five seats. 

The Conservative People’s Party are to lose seats, going from 16 to 11 or 12, GAD3 shows. 

7.05pm update: Turnout set to be the highest since 1994

The turnout across the EU27 is close to 51 percent, according to the European Parliament. 

Officials are waiting for the turnout data from the UK, which is likely to confirm Brussels’ figures – and mark the highest turnout since 1994. 

The final turnout across the EU28 in 2014 was 42.61 percent. 

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron’s party has been put in second place by Marine Le Pen – exit poll (Image: GETTY)

7pm update: The six countries to watch as EU braces for shake-up


Matteo Salvini is hoping to gain significant ground in the EU this year, as he stepped up intensive campaigns to have his right-wing League party gain a majority.

The interior minister has been busy extending the influence of the League throughout Europe and established a group of populists within Parliament with French, German and Austrian counterparts.


French voters are experiencing a sensation of deja vu, as the French EU competition is a runoff between far-right flag-bearer Marine Le Pen and French President Emmanuel Macron.

The two were the main frontrunners in the 2017 election, and their clash reflects the growing divide between EU supporters and critics, edged by growing anti-immigration sentiment.


Angela Merkel’s fragile governing coalition with the Social Democrats is under threat, as the latter party is performing poorly in the polls.

The elections serve as a test for the other half of the coalition as well, the first for new Christian Democratic Union leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Far-right party Alternative for Germany and the Greens are tipped for a meteoric rise


With an original Brexit date of March 21 this year, the UK was never supposed to stand in the EU Parliament elections.

Currently in the lead is the Brexit Party, which hopes to deliver the result of the 2016 referendum from within, and the Liberal Democrats who won a sweeping majority in the recent local elections.


Populist sentiment is echoed in Hungary, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban described the elections this month as an opportunity for anti-immigration ideologies to grow their influence in the EU Parliament.

Mr Orban’s Fidesz Party membership with the European People’s Party (EPP) was suspended in March this year, as concern grew for the state of Hungary’s democracy.


Austria’s leading Freedom Party has been caught up in a political scandal which upended leader Heinz-Christian Strache.

The Vice-Chancellor was recorded seemingly offering favours to an alleged Russian investor during a boozy meeting on the Spanish island of Ibiza two years ago.

Matteo Salvini

Matteo Salvini is hoping his party will become the strongest movement in the European Parliament (Image: GETTY)

6.42pm update: Marine Le Pen‘s party to remain the STRONGEST French movement in Europe – exit poll 

Marine Le Pen Rassemblement National looks set to gain between 23 and 25 percent of the votes, according to exit poll published by Belgium’s newspaper Le Soir. 

This result would confirm her right-wing movement as the strongest French party in the European Parliament, as Emmanuel Macron’s La Republique En Marche looks set to get between 19 and 22 percent of the seats. 

Mrs Le Pen’s party also came out a winner from the 2014 European elections, gaining 24.84 percent of the French seats. 

Mr Macron‘s party did not take part to the last European ballot as it was founded in 2016. 

6.38pm update: Viktor Orban to get a landslide victory

Hungary’s ruling right-wing Fidesz party could win 56 percent of votes in the European parliamentary election, according to a survey by pro-Government pollster Nezopont. 

According to the poll, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party was well ahead of the Socialists and the leftist Democratic Coalition, expected to win just 10 percent of the seats each.

The nationalist Jobbik was seen getting about 9 percent, and Momentum party 7 percent, the poll revealed. 

Voter turnout was 41.74 percent at 3.30pm BST, according to data from the national election office. 

Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban’s party is to get a landslide victory (Image: GETTY)

6.25pm update: Nigel Farage expected in Southampton at 9pm 

Officials gathered at the Southampton’s civic centre have started to count the votes cast on Thursday by Britain’s voters. 

The first turnout figures for the south east of England show a surge of approximately 3 percent, from 36.3 percent to 39.36 percent. 

Nigel Farage, who has been an MEP for the area since 1999, is expected to arrive to the civic centre at approximately 9pm. 

6.10pm update: AKK says Manfred Weber SHOULD replace Jean-Claude Juncker

Germany’s Manfred Weber should be the next European Commission president if the European People’s Party (EPP) emerges as the largest group after elections to the European Parliament, according to German Christian Democrat (CDU) leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, also known as AKK.

She said: ”If, as we expect, the election evening confirms that the EPP is the strongest party family in Europe, then it is also clear that Manfred Weber should take over at the top of the European Commission.” 


German CDU’s leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said Manfred Weber should become Commission President (Image: GETTY)

angela merkel

Angela Merkel’s party may lose several seats in the European elections (Image: GETTY)

5.40pm update: Greek ruling party Syriza to LOSE elections against New Democracy – exit poll

The Greek opposition New Democracy conservative party looks set to win over ruling Syriza party in the European elections on Sunday, a joint exit poll by five private TV stations showed.

The exit poll gave New Democracy between 32 and 36 percent of the vote compared to the 25 to 29 percent given to Alexis Tsipras’s party, which came to power in 2015. 

This disappointing result for the Greek government signals a shift towards the right in the electorate just months before the general elections are set to take place in the country. 

european elections results live update latest 2019 EU exit polls Brexit party

Alexis Tsipras was elected in Greece in 2015 (Image: GETTY)

5.22pm update: Belgium’s far right SURGES in national parliament elections

Far-right Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang looked on course for major gains in an election on Sunday for the Belgian national parliament. 

Belgian voters are casting their ballot to elect both their MEPs, MPs and regional governments. 

Early projections show anti-immigration Vlaams Belang gaining consensus across the Flanders area at the expenses of the more moderate separatist N-VA Party. 

An exit poll conducted for francophone broadcaster RTL showed Vlaams Belang gaining up to 13 percent in the federal parliament. 

The poll also showed the Socialists of former prime minister Elio di Rupo were set to be the biggest party, followed by current Prime Minister Charles Michel’s liberal MR party, which may have gained as little as 8 percent. 

4.55pm update: France’s turnout rises by four percent – midday projection shows 

France‘s turnout for the European elections was at 19.26 percent at 12pm, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday, up from the 15.70 percent recorded in 2014 and 14.81 percent in 2009. 

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen casting her ballot (Image: GETTY)

4.40pm update: Ireland’s Green Party is considering a comeback following European elections 

The Green Party in Ireland will consider playing a role in the next Irish Government if its surge in this week’s local and European elections is repeated in the next parliamentary poll, party leader Eamon Ryan said. 

Exit polls in Ireland suggest the Greens are to become the fourth largest party in the country, with nine percent of the vote, after Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein. 

Mr Ryan said: “If we’re saying on the one hand there is an environmentalcrisis that we have to react to in the next 10 years, do we say come back to us in 10 years and we might be ready?

“I think it’s going to be very hard to form the next Government. I’ve always said you need to be strong in Government and we need at least six seats.

“Don’t go in if you can’t do it but we’ve never ruled it out.” 

Sebastian Kurz

Sebastian Kurz’s party is leading the race, according to a poll (Image: GETTY)

4.28pm update: Sebastian Kurz’s party leads Austria‘s polls despite coalition upset

A polls-based projection shows Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s conservative People’s Party commanding a strong lead in his country’s European elections.

The projection, based on a survey carried out on 5,200 voters between Tuesday and Sunday – but mainly before the election – showed support for Mr Kurz’s party at 34.5 percent. 

On the other hand, the Social Democrats received 23.5 percent of the preferences and the far-right Freedom Party, whose leader Heinz-Christian Strache quit a week ago over a video sting and triggered a no confidence vote, were in third place at 17.5 percent.

The surveys and projection were carried out by pollsters SORA and ARGE Wahlen for national broadcaster ORV, broadcaster ATV and news agency APA.  

DUP Leader Arlene Foster

DUP Leader Arlene Foster on Thursday (Image: GETTY)

4.02 update: Shock rise in turnout recorded in the UK 

Official turnout figures will be released later tonight, but some reports from local councils signal a surge in the number of voters casting their ballots on Thursday – especially in areas where Remain won in the 2016 EU Referendum.

In Northern Ireland, the turnout on Thursday was 45.14 percent, up more than 6 percent from the past elections in 2014. 

Cardiff recorded an increase of nearly 10 percent in turnout from 2014, 41.6 percent in total this time compared to 31.7 percent of the valid votes cast five years ago. 

And in Durham the turnout was 32.9 percent, increasing from the 27.6 percent recorded in 2014. 


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