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The cyclist, aged 64, died on Friday morning, September 21 due to his injuries following the incident in Villeurbanne, close to Lyon. 

A boy, aged 15, was injured by the same car at around 7:30am. 

The driver was being chased by the police after he had committed an unknown offence.

He refused to stop and mounted the pavement which is where he killed the cyclist and injured the teenager.

The driver then fled on foot but was later caught by police – he and the other two women in the car at the time are known to police.

All three people in the car at the time of the crash have been arrested. 

Two police officers involved in the operation were injured, but not severely. 

Neighbours heard the screams of the teenage boy who was hit by the out of control car.

Graphic pictures have emerged of blood splashed out on the road, presumably from the victims of the crash. 

France is on high alert following a series of terror attacks.



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