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How to save money while online shopping in 7 steps

The membership works based on a point-based system. Shoppers accumulate points every time they spend at Changi Airport and can convert these points into vouchers. We believe the best part about this loyalty programme is GST-free purchases in public areas in the airport! It’s as good as buying from the duty-free store.

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Golden Village Movie Club
Photo: Golden Village Movie Club

Movie dates can be relatively expensive especially on the weekends. What if bae wants to experience Gold Class to celebrate? R.I.P. wallet.

Get some discounts and even free movie tickets with Golden Village’s Movie Club membership!

Some juicy perks include $2 discount on tickets every Monday, $7 movie tickets every Tuesday and 1 for 1 movie tickets on your birthday! Also if bae wants to watch on Gold Class, there is 10 per cent off the ala carte menu.

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Photo: MyActiveSG

Working out and staying fit is much more affordable than you think. It is free in fact! ActiveSG is a national movement focused on fitness and sport for anyone and everyone in Singapore. It has a number of sports facilities such as swimming complexes, gyms and badminton courts.

Membership is free and comes with $100 worth of credits which you can use to purchase admission passes for use of the facilities. There are also complimentary trial fitness classes which you can sign up for.

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Photo: Swensen’s

Wouldn’t it be great if you could redeem a free drink every time you dined at a restaurant? Swensen’s grants this dream when you sign up for their Cool Rewards Membership. To be a member, you simply need to download Swensen’s mobile app and sign up for membership. There is no fee involved to sign up as well.

Using the mobile app, you can present your complimentary daily drink voucher whenever you order food at a Swensen’s outlet.

In addition to that, members collect rebate points whenever they spend. These rebate points can then be used to earn discounts on your food orders. If it is your birthday month, you will get complimentary birthday eVouchers for free desserts and treats!


Photo: J Passport

Japanese food fanatics unite! Grab the greatest deals for Japanese cuisine with J Passport. On J Passport, you’ll get to source for the best deals for everything Japanese here in Singapore.

Many of the deals offered are usually for food such as ramen and dons from well-known establishments like Ikura and Hokkaido Izakaya.

Besides food, you can get discounts for Japanese spa treatments and karaoke sessions as well.

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Photo: Japan Point

Japan Point is similar to J Passport but is focused solely on food. On Japan Point, you can redeem coupons for food discounts or even complimentary treats. The catch is that there is a redemption limit for every coupon for a certain amount of time.

Some neat coupons offer free beer and big discounts on Japanese BBQ platters.

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Photo: IKEA Facebook

IKEA is definitely more than just a furniture store at this point. There’s yummy meatballs, chicken wings, scrumptious cheesecake and fuss-free hot dogs. Even foodies flock there from time to time.

If you are in the midst of furnishing your new home or even doing a room makeover with IKEA furniture, be sure to sign up for the IKEA Family membership. The membership allows you to accumulate points every time you spend which you can subsequently use to redeem discounts.

On top of that, members receive exclusive discounts on furniture and food, and get free coffee or tea with every visit!

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Photo: Yankee Candle Singapore

Yankee Candles are perfect for setting the mood at home and in your bedroom. With their wide selection of soothing fragrances in the form of scented candles, you can choose to enhance a relaxed vibe at home.

Yankee Candle’s loyalty programme offers a 2 per cent discount on future purchases. It may not seem a lot at first but if you are a frequent buyer, this will give you a lot of savings in the long run.

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10. WT+

Photo: wt+

Shop often at brands like G2000, Topshop and Topman? Wt+ membership covers your favourite brands and offers the craziest discounts. The free membership offers rewards which can be redeemed from the points you accumulate.

Rewards are regularly updated for the different brands and on top of that, members receive exclusive promotions and deals when they shop.

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Photo: Charles & Keith

Shopaholics rejoice! Charles & Keith has Silver Privilege Membership which is free for sign up when you make your first purchase. You can either sign up when you make a purchase physically in-store or online (as long as you create an account beforehand).

The Silver Privilege Membership offers a $10 discount with every $200 spent. You will also be updated on the latest sales and promotions held. Lastly, don’t forget to get Cashback when you shop through ShopBack!

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