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In the Game of Thrones series conclusion, Grey Worm left Westeros – heading off to Naath. It has been dissected as a heartfelt tribute to Missandei, who had earlier been beheaded and spoke of wanting to go to that particular destination. But a user on Reddit has pointed out a somewhat awkward problem: Naath kills anyone who was not born there. So did Grey Worm effectively sail off to his death?

In a post that has been 90% Upvoted, user Rapsberry said: “Does Missandei not know about the butterfly fever?

“Wouldn’t Grey Worm die within weeks after coming to Naath, since he’s not a native?”

ScreenRant found the evidence for this in George RR Martin’s companion book, A World of Ice and Fire; wherein it is explained that no new arrivals “lasted more than a year, for some evil humor lurks in the very air of this fair isle, and all those who linger too long soon succumb”.

IGN, furthermore, report that the “terrible death” involves flesh effectively melts off of strangers’ bones.

The native Naathi, it seems, are immune to the “painful” way of dying, but Grey Worm would not be.

So perhaps his poignant finale was not so joyful after all.

Meanwhile, Nathalie Emmanuel has spoken out about the reaction to Missandei’s death.

“I suddenly feel like she’s no longer in existence; she’s now a character from the past, and that feels different,” she told PorterEdit.


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