Gemma Collins: Dancing on Ice diva shows ‘vulnerable’ side reveals body language



Gemma Collins performed on Dancing On Ice tonight and, as one can expect from the GC, it was not without its share of drama. A body language expert exclusively revealed to what the rollercoaster of emotions displayed by Gemma really meant on tonight’s episode. “It was a complete change of mood and drama for Gemma on the ice this week,” said expert Judi James. “Pre-dance she and Matt were seen standing together looking distinctly ill-at-ease suggesting some of the bad girl behaviour from last week might have led to a lack of focus during this week’s training but the opposite was true.

“Following lectures from her mum and nan, Gemma emerged to a cheering crowd and began to show some hints of talent and hard work in her routine.

Judi suggested that Matt and Gemma managed to portray a real connection during the performance – but it was not to last.

Audiences were horrified when the reality star went flying towards the ground and was sprawled on the ice before hastily scrambling to her feet.

“In between some wobbles she and Matt displayed something looking almost like chemistry, adding a romantic air to their dance, but sadly for Gemma it all ended in tears when she landed sprawling face-down on the ice at the very last step of her routine,” said Judi.

However, for Gemma, the show must go on and she showed how determined she was in her quick recovery – although she later cried when speaking to the judges.

“It could have been a disaster but Gemma came up smiling, which must have won her some fan-points from the crowd,” Judi explained.

“Suddenly she was a different Gemma from the feisty battler or the week before as she stood, smiling but with tears running down her cheeks and this vulnerable Gemma suddenly made all the judges melt.

“Phil and Holly soothed her like a child, even stepping forward to wipe her tears away for her as Holly rubbed her arm in a gesture of reassurance and comfort.

“The judges all praised her and suddenly it was Jason’s turn and although both Jason and Gemma seemed to acknowledge their ongoing spat with mirrored head tilts Gemma continued to smile while Jason spoke fondly and encouragingly.

“The fall could have been a turning point for Gemma in this competition as she discovered some real warmth and support from the audience that could just power her on for next week.”

Gemma has been involved in much drama since being on the show. On the live show last week, she and judge Jason Gardiner had a public row. 

The pair had an explosive spat after she accused him of “selling stories” about her. 

After giving her a low score of 3.0, Gemma told Jason: “Maybe I wouldn’t have been so sad this week if you didn’t sell stories on me, so take that!”

Viewers were left wondering if Jason Gardiner actually sold a story on Gemma Collins after the show – it soon emerged he was merely interviewed for a promotion of the show as opposed to selling a story.

The claim by Gemma also left somewhat of a feud between her partner Matt Evers and Jason Gardiner, after the skater reiterated the claim on a radio show.

However, he took to Twitter after to apologise to Jason, stating he “got his wires crossed”.

Jason hasn’t directly issued an apology to the TOWIE star, he has returned to social media to address the aftermath of the public row.


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