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Next year ’ final season airs, while Martin still has two more A Song of Ice and Fire books to write: The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

, the TV show is now ahead of the books’ narrative so may deviate in some ways from how Martin had originally intended the story to go.

Nevertheless hopefully both will end in a similar way with a specific figure on the Iron Throne. But who?

Well reckons there is a clue that Daenerys Targaryen will be the last one standing at the very end of the story.

The theorist points out that there may be some clues in Martin’s 1979 short story, The Ice Dragon.

They point out how the story begins with the mention of ice dragons and winter children, which may resonate with the current state of play in the Game of Thrones story arc.

Fans may have the Night King’s resurrected Viserion come to mind, who is now something of an ice dragon.

However the major difference between the former summer dragon and the ice dragon in the short story, is the latter was naturally born that way and is much bigger. Apparently the ice dragon’s presence in the short story is “a sign of a long and bitter winter.”


Now at the conclusion of the short story the Ice Dragon takes on three summer dragons. However in doing so it dies with its final icy breath.

Could this in some way be connected to where Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire is headed?

After all there are two summer dragons under Daenerys’ command left over who will no doubt take on the Ice King’s new ice dragon. 

Of course fire has the upper hand over ice, but in Martin’s Westeros, ice can freeze fire.

So the literal song of ice and fire probably isn’t going to be as straight forward as expected. The theorist concludes that in The Ice Dragon only one dragon rider survives: Adara, the hero.

They concluded: “If I had to make a prediction, I’d say the final season of Thrones will mimic this.

“I think the dragons will kill each other off, and the Night King, plus whoever happens to be riding Rhaegal, will die in battle.”

“Only Daenerys will survive.”


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