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For pro action sports icon Travis Pastrana, extreme sports and high-energy music have always gone hand in hand. Pastrana is a pro freestyle motocross rider and rally car driver, as well as the ringleader of the long-running Nitro Circus, a collective of world-class athletes that perform insane stunts on dirtbikes, couches, coolers with wheels, scooters and more. Nitro Circus has also had numerous videos released online, a short-lived TV show, feature films and a tour that has hit numerous countries around the world.

Nitro Circus will join forces with pro skateboarder Chris Cole’s Rail Jam Invitational for a full day of heart-pumping action and family-friendly fun dubbed Gnarlytown, which will also feature live performances by Pennywise, Rancid, Action Bronson, Off!, Madball, Rotting Out, Mike Watt and The Aquadolls at the LA Waterfront Berth 46 at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro on Saturday, June  22.

“It just brings me back to like Warped Tour 1999,” Pastrana said during a recent phone interview. “My first-ever stage dive was during a Rancid concert and this festival just brings me back to that … those bands, that genre of music, hanging out, having fun and riding with my friends. Looking back on the original moto videos and all of that music, these are the bands that this generation grew up on so it was an absolute perfect fit for us.”

Pastrana, now 35, said that he remembers being 14 years old and doing the MTV Sports & Music Festival in Memphis, Tenn., which had a similar vibe to what Gnarlytown is trying to achieve.

“I have two daughters now … most of us have kids now,” he said. “So to be able to do this in a family-friendly spot with a fun music atmosphere, that’s really exciting and my wife and I are always trying to do stuff that brings us all out as a family. Like I said before, it’s all coming full circle.”

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The festival, which officially kicks off at 1 p.m., will feature top athletes from FMX, BMX, skate and more who will put on several different shows throughout the event and as the various musical acts take the stage. Nitro Circus will be bringing out its iconic Giganta ramp, which stands more than 45-feet tall and serves as the launch pad for multiple stunts including record-breaking flips and jumps. Cole’s Rail Jam Invitational will feature a slew of the world’s best street skaters to compete in a street course that includes a giant guitar as the centerpiece obstacle.


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