Great Bay Bio was Founded to Build a Platform for CMC Technology and Pre-Clinical Research and Development of Big Data Services for Innovative Drugs, Dr. Michael Chan as CEO



HONG KONG–()–Great Bay Bio, a leading biotechnology company dedicated to innovative
drug CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls) and pre-clinical
development of big data service platform, announced its formal
establishment in Hong Kong today and the Chairman, Mr. Kingsley Leung is
pleased to appoint Mr. Michael Chan as CEO and co-founder of the company
on behalf of the board. Dr. Michael Chan has officially assumed his
duties on May 20. He will formulate a sustainable development strategy
for Great Bay Bio and be responsible for the overall operation and
management of the enterprise. The Headquarter will be based in Hong Kong
and expand its business domestically and internationally. The company
currently focuses on two major business lines-CMC platform technology
services and product development, including 2 subsidiaries as Dongguan
Taili Biotech Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Taili Biomedical Technology Co.,
Ltd. Before its establishment, Great Bay Bio has won the favor of many
financial investment institutions and strategic investment institutions.

Development Target and Unique Development Model
of Great Bay Bio

1) Focusing on the Fusion and Development of
Greater Bay Area to Help Pharmaceutical Innovation

In 2018, the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao became a
national strategy to encourage all kinds of scientific and technological
innovation resources in this Area to cooperate and complement each
other, and enterprises to develop together. After carefully studying the
innovative thinking of the development strategy of this Area, Great Bay
Bio began to gather the leading wisdom of experts and scholars in the
field of life science and biotechnology and elites from all walks of
life sciences, expecting to help China’s biotechnology R&D capability
upgrade faster and better, and to support the development of biomedical
industry in the region towards scale, agglomeration and

Based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, Great Bay Bio
closely adheres to the existing superior resources and development
goals, providing high-quality CMC one-stop service for domestic and
foreign pharmaceutical partners. The company has a full set of leading
biomedical development equipment and facilities, and has successful
experience in developing E. coli, yeast, CHO cells and other products.
It can provide CMC services and complete all the work from project
screening, clinical sample production and product testing, such as drug
discovery, sequence screening, plasmid construction, cell strain
(bacterial strain) construction, cell culture (fermentation),
purification process development, preparation process development and
quality research. Open service mode the company has been exploring is
called “equity-for-service model”, which can provide new modes such as
financial support plus technology equity and service support plus share
or intellectual property equity, providing a variety of cooperation
possibilities, insisting on the balanced development of specialization
and diversity.

2) Constructing the talent echelon and exploring
the new service package of CMC/CDMO

The importance of CMC research in the stage of new drug discovery and
preclinical research is self-evident. Driven by the overall situation of
the pharmaceutical industry and national policies, the domestic market
of customized development and production of biopharmaceuticals (CDMO) is
also rising rapidly. From 2016 to 2020, the CDMO market of biological
drugs in China will grow from 2 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan, and the
compound growth rate will reach 35%. The CMC/CDMO customized service
market in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau has
considerable potential, and international talents are gathered here.
These advantages are the best business starting point for us.

Great Bay Bio’s Service Platform of CMC/CDMO Technology and Pre-clinical
Research and Big Data Development has a technical team of over 40
scientists and investigators led by PhDs/senior engineers. The team will
offer an integrated service package with variability and customization.

Among the subdivisions of the Service Platform in the field of
biopharmaceutical innovation technology, the most noteworthy is the
establishment of Fc Platform. The goal of this platform is to use Fc
fragments of IgG to connect with unstable or short half-life
polypeptides, cytokines, hormones or enzymes to form fusion proteins,
prolong their half-life in vivo and reduce the frequency of
administration. The company uses Fc fragments of IgG2 subtype (wild
type) or IgG4 subtype (S228P mutation) to fuse with different
polypeptides, and has incubated one project using this technology,
rhEPO-Fc which is now in phase I clinical research. The company is also
looking to begin development of additional first-in-class and
best-in-class products with prospective technology partners. The most
important feature of this platform is to use CMC technology to carry out
rapid pre-clinical research, such as molecular structure stability
study, in vitro biological activity study, animal pharmacodynamics
sample preparation, process feasibility study, etc., which can quickly
judge the possibility of drug formation in the research projects.

3) Deepening the Service System and Constructing
One-stop New Drug Service

Dr. Michael Chan, CEO, said: Based on the international perspective, the
Science and Technology Innovation Park in Greater Bay Area of Guangdong,
Hong Kong and Macao has made a long-term layout for the R&D and
innovation capabilities of the New Economic Zone. Since the development
and Preparatory Period of Great Bay Bio and its formation of the
business concept in 2018, we have clearly realized that innovation in
this Area is no longer confined to providing basic facilities and sites
for new drug research and development, and that greater value is to
enable more industries. Internal experts, institutions and cross-border
integrators jointly promote the development of pharmaceutical
enterprises, which has entered a new stage of development, and the
orientation and implementation of industrial integration will continue
to deepen. The mission of Great Bay Bio is to speed up the development
and production of biological drugs, which is in line with our business
operation now and in the future. The meaning lies in that faster
development of products will significantly reduce R&D cost for our
partners, which will ultimately benefit patients with cheaper innovative
drugs. Great Bay Bio Biological’s business model can provide precise and
comprehensive customized one-stop new drug service, which will occupy an
important position in the biopharmaceutical industry chain. At the same
time, it will further expand the service space and capacity of
biopharmaceutical and strive to become the best partner in the
pharmaceutical industry.

Introduction of CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Michael Chan graduated from the Doctor of Biochemistry, University
of Georgia, USA. He has more than 30 years of rich experience in
biomedical research and development, team building and operation
management, In particular, Michael has ever been a distinguished leader
for 5 projects of Biosimilar and innovative macromolecule’s IND
Application during the same period within 3 three years. He has
successively held senior management positions, chief operating officer
and President Positions in many famous pharmaceutical companies in the
United States and Shanghai Hengrui. Dr. Chan has published more than 18
articles and patents in international SCI journals.

Introduction of Chairman of the Board and

Mr. Kingsley Leung holds a BSc in Biochemistry from Imperial College
London and an MSc in Pharmacology from the University of Oxford. In
addition, he is currently a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts and holds a Professional
Diploma in Corporate Governance & Directorship from the Hong Kong
Institute of Directors. In 2018, Mr. Leung successfully completed the
Insead EMBA project held by Tsinghua University. Prior to the founding
of the Great Bay Bio, Mr. Leung is the chairman of Uni-Bio Science
Group, a listed Biopharmaceutical company(HK0690)in HKEx main board and
has broad experience in sourcing, evaluating and executing new growth
opportunities, supporting the execution and alliance management of
multiple deals, including the in-licensing of next generation oncology,
inflammation and respiratory drugs from MNCs. Mr. Leung also has
extensive experience in the finance industry where he worked in a number
of budge bracket investment banks and a family office.

About Great Bay Bio

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the CMC/CDMO platform of Great Bay Bio was
originally established in 2002. Dongguan Taili Biotech Co., Ltd. and
Guangdong Taili Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. were founded
successively. The R&D equipment invested more than 54 million yuan and
the total R&D cost exceeded 300 million yuan. The CMC/CDMO platform has
independent and integrated technology platform for drug R&D and
large-scale preparation. The company has a strong existing track record
of developing CMC packages for products entering NDA stage, some of
which are national class I projects of innovative biological New drugs.

The platform has been recognized and certificated as “Patent Fostering
Enterprise”, “Patent Pilot Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”,
“Dongguan New R&D Institution”, “Guangdong Top Ten Foreign-funded R&D
Center” and “Guangdong Genetically Pharmaceutical Engineering Research
Center”. Since 2006, it has undertaken a number of government projects
and obtained crucial breakthroughs in key areas of Guangdong and Hong
Kong. Several provincial and national projects, such as “National Major
New Drug Innovation”, have been funded by government support of more
than 20 million yuan.

The platform has over 3100 square meters of research and Development
Experimental sites, and has a whole set of advanced biopharmaceutical
research and development hardware and facilities. The key equipments are
labeled by Sartorius, Bio-Rad, GE Healthcare, Waters and other
world-class brands. The pilot workshop is designed strictly in
accordance with GMP requirements. The overall purification level of the
plant is C-level and partial A-level.

For more information, you can visit Great Bay Bio’s official website:


Great Bay Bio was Founded to Build a Platform for CMC Technology and Pre-Clinical Research and Development of Big Data Services for Innovative Drugs, Dr. Michael Chan as CEO 1


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