Guest opinion: In support of school leadership

Lee Health encourages the school district board to remain focused on policy, while…

Guest opinion: In support of school leadership 1

As the largest employer in Southwest Florida, Lee Health has a vested interest in the success of our local public schools, especially here in Lee County. The school system directly contributes to our healthcare workforce, which enables us to provide outstanding care and service to our patients. We are therefore dismayed to learn of the impending retirement of Dr. Greg Adkins of the Lee County School District, who, along with his administration, has made great strides in improving outcomes for our students.

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Dr. Adkins has been a strong partner because he believes in the students, the teachers, and the employers who eventually benefit from a great education. We have worked closely together on addressing issues of mental and behavioral health, improving wellness and fitness, and many other projects. The district’s medical academies are training students for immediate employment in critical areas for Lee Health.

Lee Health looks forward to the next superintendent that continues Dr. Adkins’ commitment to quality, safety, and integrity. Lee Health encourages the school district board to remain focused on policy, while empowering the superintendent to move the district forward without micromanagement and intervention. Only by empowering and supporting the superintendent can we continue to raise our quality of instruction and outcomes to provide educational outcomes that will make us the envy of districts across the state.

Lee Health offers its best wishes to Dr. Adkins on his retirement, and looks forward to our continued strong partnership with the school district.

Michael Wukitsch is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Lee Health.


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