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Holiday food offers the chance to indulge in varied, local cuisine from the comfort of a sun lounger. With no need to slave over a hot oven at home, or dash around the supermarket for dozens of items, Britons can kick back, relax and dine on genuine, authentic grub. The variety of food available, particularly at buffet breakfasts, can mean holidaymakers understandably making the most of their relaxation time, and tucking into more than usual with thoughts of diets going out of the window. New research has revealed this tendency has resulted in a collective eight million stone weight gain.

Findings from Admiral Travel Insurance flagged the shocking findings, during which its survey showed more than three quarters (77 per cent) of holidaymakers think they eat more on holiday.

Two fifths (40 per cent) confirmed food is a big part of their holiday experience while 68 per cent of Brits think they put on weight after a holiday.

The firm deduced the overall total after discovering a fifth (17 per cent) said they gain an extra two to three lbs, while around one in seven (14 per cent) gained around four to five lbs.

It stated that collectively, that is more than eight million stone.

The results added: “With 3,500 calories equal to one pound of fat, Brits consume an additional 8,750 calories while on holiday on average.

“Roughly an additional 1,250 calories per day, over a seven-day holiday.”

Additionally, more than two thirds of travellers said food and drink remains the most important factor when picking a cruise holiday, with this form of vacation being something that one in eight plan to do in the next 12 months.

What’s more, more than a third (35 per cent) of women enjoy not having to cook the food on holiday themselves.

Commenting on the research, Cosmin Sarbu, Head of Travel Insurance at Admiral, said: “Cruises are an increasingly popular holiday choice, combining the comfort of a luxury hotel with the benefits of multiple city breaks topped off with world class cuisine that’s quite rightly irresistible.

“Indulging in rich foods and snacks is part of the holiday experience and the benefit of cruising is the wealth of activities to help balance that both on and off board.

Holidays are an opportunity for hard-working Brits to take time to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves, something that will come even easier with the peace of mind travel insurance offers.

“Regardless of the type of holiday you have planned its important to arrange travel insurance as soon as you book so you’re covered for every stage of your holiday.”

Recently, reported an ABTA warning after a huge £21,000 extra price tag was landed on one UK family, who were forced to fork out the huge sum following a trip to Jamaica.

The travellers, from Derby, all became ill while on holiday to the Caribbean.

Perhaps after a little compensation for their costly medical fees they contacted their travel insurance provider, after taking out policies prior to travel.

Yet they came unstuck when they could not re-coop the £21,000 bill due to the insurer not having the correct medical records for all of the family members.



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