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A Hungarian government spokesman criticised one of the world’s most successful investors for encouraging a billionaire’s democracy.

Channel 4 presenter Matt Frei asked Mr Kovacs: “I covered the Hungarian election campaign and was struck by the fact that there were only two issues which you really emphasised.

“One is the so-called invasion of migrants, the other one which is really interesting is consisting of opposition to George Soros, the Hungarian-born philanthropist billionaire.

“Am I right in thinking that your Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, and you yourself studied at Oxford University with money from the Soros Foundation?”

The spokesman replied: “You’re right and that’s exactly what the difference is. 

“We face here a democracy problem. We strongly believe that real democracies are based on the will of the people, and that is a mandate coming from democratic elections, not from financiers and billionaires who have lots of money.”

Referring to the European elections coming up in May, Mr Kovacs said: “This is the first elections where there’s going to be one global, European-wide if you like, issue, and that is migration and all questions that relate to it.

“The future of Europe much depends on how we answer that challenge.”

The news host also questioned Mr Kovacs over whether Hungary would follow in Britain’s footsteps and leave the EU, to which he responded: “We have always belonged to the European community, and any attempt to exclude us, any witch hunting, any revenge, is not going to falter us.”

The spokesman’s comments follow the vote of MEP’s, who were 448 to 197 in favour of invoking the Article 7 procedure against Hungary in a debate last Tuesday, in response to what it describes as flouting EU rules.

During the resolution to trigger the so-called Article 7, Mr Orban called the report an “abuse of power”.

He hit back at calls for disciplinary action against his Government and insisted the country will not surrender to “blackmailing” by the European Parliament.

He said: “This report is a breach of agreements made years ago. If you can do this and you can breach these agreements, what’s the point in making agreements with any European Union institution?

“What you are doing here is a slap in the face of the Union and of constructive dialogue.

“Every nation, every member state has the right to organise its life in its own country.”


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