I’ll wed toyboy, 74 before it’s too late reveals Norah, 100



Young at heart Malcolm Yates has been with Norah Witkiss for more than three decades.

Until this year they had never thought of getting married but have now decided to become man and wife before time gets the better of them.

Former school cook Norah, who turns 101 in December, was whisked off her feet by Malcolm when they started tripping the light fantastic together.

The widow, who has been married twice before, said: “Malcolm and I have been together for 30-odd years and we just thought we’d get married now before it’s too late.

“I was worried about me getting older and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity. I’m sure we’ll be happy.”

Norah has already got her dress and hat sorted for the ceremony and the couple’s wedding rings are on order.

They will be joined by close friends and family for a meal after they take their vows in a ceremony at The Beaches hotel in their home town of Prestatyn, North Wales, on October 16.

Former bus driver Malcolm recalled how they met at modern sequence dance classes in the nearby village of Meliden.

He said. “I couldn’t dance but Norah was very good at it. She more or less taught me and helped to bring me on.


“We went travelling a lot and would dance on holidays to Torquay. “We liked the Cha-cha-cha the best. We’re always out and about together.”

Norah, who marked her centenary last year with a birthday party and a card from the Queen, added: “I don’t dance any more because I can’t turn and I’m afraid of falling over.

“But nobody believes me when I tell them I am 100, they think I’m joking.”

She smiled: “I’ve had a very good life really, I’ve enjoyed it. I love meeting people and talking to people.”

Mother-of-one Norah married her first husband Fred Thomas, who she met when they worked at a hotel as a maid and a golf caddie in the 1930s, at just 18.

After Fred died in 1970 she fell in love with Bert Witkiss. They were happily wed for 16 years before Bert too died.


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