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Yungar, a small town in the Andes, has attracted international media attention as a result of the bizarre candidate names – both of whom hope to clinch the mayoral crown.

Mr Lennin Valverde is hoping to claim the title from the current mayor, Mr Hitler Alba.

Mr Alba intends to sit a new term as mayor, with his campaign literature reading “Hitler returns” and “Hitler with the people”.

Another catchy slogan is: “I’m the good Hitler”, which Mr Alba is using as a key campaign message.

Of his party, he said: “We have always done good. People know us.”

The Peruvian politician, a candidate for the We Are Peru party, has admitted he considered changing his name on a number of occasions.

But in the end, he decided to keep the outlandish epithet saying he “would have felt bad” for rejecting his parents’ decision.

Mr Alba insists he condemns what the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler stood for and claimed his father had been unaware of whom the brutal leader was when naming his child.

But the “Peruvian Hitler” did confess to an affinity with German culture and said he enjoyed quoting German writer Goethe on his social media.

Opponent Mr Valverde reportedly attempted to block Mr Alba from registering as a candidate.

But his efforts were scuppered by election authorities, and Mr Alba will appear on the ballot paper on October 7.

In Peru, parents opt for exotic-sounding names for their children, despite any negative undertones they may carry abroad.

Last year Osama Vinladen played in Peru’s junior football team.

Brazil is also known for its odd name choices.

In 2015 Richard Nixon, a former mayor in the Maranhao state, was arrested for allegedly embezzling million in public funds, according to the Guardian.


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