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Pakistan claims the missile is capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear payloads at a range of up to 1500 miles – easily enough to reach the heart of India. Pakistan’s military said: “Shaheen-II is a highly capable missile which fully meets Pakistan’s strategic needs towards the maintenance of deterrence stability in the region.” The missile’s public ostentatious testing comes as India’s incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) looks set to hold onto power with Narendra Modi staying as the country’s prime minister.

There are fears that the BJP will take “strong decisions” to attack Pakistan if relations continue to fray.

With the official election result set to be declared later on Thursday, the BBC’s Divya Arya said she had just left the BJP office where celebrations had already begun for Mr Modi’s victory against opposition Congress Party.

Ms Arya said the stance Mr Modi has taken up against his arch-rival Pakistan were likely to be “big plusses” for voters.

She said: “His big plusses have been the fact that he takes decisions and that he is not corrupt personally.

“And that his leaders in his party are not corrupt and that he is ready to take strong decisions in terms of attacking Pakistan or taking any kind of reactive action against Pakistan if they were to be violent towards India or cross borders and take out any terror attacks.

“So, those promises are definitely something he is going to keep.”

The BBC correspondent added: “The trends seem to suggest a very very clear picture. Last time in 2014 the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had got enough numbers to form the Government on its own even without its allies.

“And it has only bettered the tally or it is only on the way to better the tally this time around. Again, in a position to make the Government on its own.

“Although, we have to wait for the final results to come out.”

In February, a suicide bomb attack took place in the disputed territory of Kashmir, killing 40 Indian paramilitary police officers.

Indian jets responded by striking what New Dehli claims was a training camp for radical group Jaish-e Mohammed, which it blamed for the attack.

Pakistan then launched a retaliatory strike and the two countries fought with jets, resulting in an Indian pilot being shot and captured.

Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers, and world leaders are petrified the territorial spat could escalated into full blown nuclear conflict.


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