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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s claim comes amid a devastating drop in relations between the two arguing nations. According to the Daily Star, he made the comments on his official website. He said: “You young people should be assured that you will witness the demise of the enemies of humanity, meaning the degenerate American civilisation, and the demise of Israel.”

His comments come as the US bolsters its forces in the region.

US President Donald Trump vowed to increase its presence with around 120,000 troops to be stationed in the Middle East.

Trump has warned Iran on numerous occasions that conflict would “officially end” the country.

The growing tension between the US and Iran aroused after Trump opted to try and cut Iran’s oil exports to zero and beef up its forces in the Middle East.

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He decided to increase the military after he claimed Iran had made “threats” to the US.

However, the US has not publicly shown any evidence of what the specific intelligence on the Iranian threat is.

The US military carried out exercises in the Arabian Sea to show Washington’s strength in the region.

The military did that in the face of an Iranian army which is one of the most powerful in the world.

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Iran boasts one of the most powerful militaries in the world – and the second-strongest in the Middle East – according to shock analysis by warfare experts.

Global Fire Power (GFP) reviewed Iran’s military strength this year and ranked it 14 out of the 137 nations analysed so far.

GFP said Iran’s potential manpower totalled almost 48 million people, with a total of almost 40 million fit for service.

The total military personnel is believed to amount to an estimated 873,000 people, with 523,000 of them active and the rest believed to be reserve personnel.


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