Jean-Claude Juncker Nigel Farage: EU leader ’squashed’ Farage in State of the Union



Nigel Farage was snubbed by Jean-Claude Juncker today at the State of the Union address. 

The former Ukip leader attempted to give Juncker a pair of Union flag socks.

However, a body language expert has told how the European Union leader ends up “squashing Farage” in the exchange.

Judi James said: “While the country self-implodes over the life-changing implications of our Brexit negotiations it’s clear from this body language vignette between Nigel Farage and Jean-Claude Juncker that some of the key players are more concerned with acts of bonhomie and non-verbal banter.”

The two men attempt to put one another down in power play hidden behind friendly exchanges.

Judi said: “This relationship snapshot of Farage and Juncker reveals a whole raft of put-down signals masquerading as playful rituals of relaxed friendship, with Juncker ending the gag by squashing Farage more comprehensively than Trump did when he announced him on stage without knowing where he was arriving from.

“Gift-giving rituals do vary around the world but Juncker clearly saw a wind-up coming when Farage arrived with the small green box.”

During this apparently jovial handshake “Juncker applies a thumb clamp to control the ritual and points with his right hand in a gesture associated with weapons and attack.”

Judi said: “His mouth is wide open though and his eyebrows are raised, suggesting a humour-based approach.”

However, Nigel hits back with his own finger point.

Judi said: “The pointing finger is such a potent weapon signal that Farage draws his own weapon in knee-jerk response, returning the stabbing pointed finger with the hand that is holding the gift, bending as he shakes though, in an act that is now looking like submissive obedience.

“The ‘fight’ continues as Juncker slaps Farage on the shoulder near the neck to dismiss him and he adds a top ‘licking’ hand gesture to the shake to register Farage has had his joke now and should go.”

The final act comes as the EU leader is left alone with the “gift”.

Judi said: “Any gift needs to be kept near the receiver but Juncker continues his put-down of Farage by handing the box away without opening it or owning it.”

Donald Trump and Jean Claude Juncker’s body language was also analysed by Judi. 

The EU leader and the president sat in the Oval Office of the White House in July.

Juncker said the US and EU were “not enemies” as he began talks with President Trump aimed at defusing the trade tensions between the two key economies.

Donald Trump discussed Brexit with UK Prime Minister Theresa May during his trip to the UK.

Former advisor to the President Steve Bannon said Donald “gave (Theresa May) some pointers and pulled her off to the side and said: ‘Hey, if I was doing this here is how tough you have got to be because these guys are not going to let you go.’”


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