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The US-owned multinational claims to have created “the gentlest baby products in the world” as it unveils 50 new clinically tested lines to meet the needs of today’s modern parents. More than 400 ingredients were rejected during the revamp to produce simpler, gentler products free from parabens, sulphates and dyes. They have also been formulated with 90 percent naturally derived ingredients to minimise the risk of allergies. 

Although products in the “originals” range have been changed to remove unwanted ingredients they will still retain the iconic Johnson’s scent.

Tomorrow’s relaunch comes after decades of research into baby care. Johnson’s says it has worked with thousands of parents to improve everything about its products so they can feel confident using them.

Last July a jury in the US state of Missouri ordered the brand’s parent company Johnson & Johnson to pay £3.6billion in damages to 22 women who alleged its talcum powder contributed to them developing ovarian cancer. Six of the women died.

Lawyers alleged the company knew the mineral product was contaminated with asbestos since the 1970s, but failed to warn consumers about the risks.

J&J denies its products ever contained asbestos and insists they do not cause cancer.

The company said it was “deeply disappointed” by the verdict which it claimed was the product of a “fundamentally unfair process”.

Last December a new report accusing J&J of a cover-up caused shares to plummet by 10 percent, wiping £30.6billion off the value of the company.

The firm is still battling around 9,000 legal cases involving its signature baby powder and plans to appeal. 

Now it is hoped the reboot will help restore the public’s faith in a brand which has been known down the generations for its slogan “Best for the Baby – Best for You”.

The new products, complete with revamped packaging, have been developed with scientific expertise and are backed by the Royal College of Midwives.

David Mays, a senior director at Johnson & Johnson Global, said: “We have always put parents at the heart of our brand.

“For this monumental relaunch, we have really listened to parents to truly understand exactly what they need from their skincare products. 

“As a brand, we are committed to rigorous testing and have worked tirelessly with scientists, paediatricians and dermatologists to create products as gentle as we want the world to be.

“Johnson & Johnson has pioneered the science in baby skin care for 125 years and we’re very proud of this heritage.

“So, we are thrilled to be able to offer families the opportunity to try the entire range and know they are giving their baby the best care.”

The new Johnson’s range will be rolled out to stores across the UK throughout the month.


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