Judith Kerr net worth: A look at The Tiger Who Came to Tea author’s incredible career


The Tiger Who Came to Tea may have first been released in 1968, but even decades later, many children will be familiar with the book. Similarly, the Mog series, which includes the 1970 book Mog the Forgetful Cat, has been loved by plenty of youngsters over the years. The author, Judith Kerr, went on to write 17 more books in the Mog series – with her most recent story involving the cat being published in 2015. She also created a whole host of children’s books, such as the Out of the Hitler Time trilogy, My Henry, and Katinka’s Tail.

The author and illustrator has died at the age of 95.

The head of Judith’s publisher HarperCollins, Charlie Redmayne, said of the late author: “[She was] a wonderful and inspiring person who was much loved by everyone.

“She was a brilliantly talented artist and storyteller who has left us an extraordinary body of work.

“Always understated and very, very funny, she loved life and loved people – and particularly she loved a party.”

Born in Berlin, the daughter of the Alfred Kerr and Julia Weismann, in 1923, Judith and her family left Germany in 1933, amid the rise of the Nazis.

First travelling to Switzerland France, they later settled in Britain.

The family were fearful because Alfred had openly criticised the Nazis – who did later burn his books shortly after he fled the country.

Judith worked for the Red Cross during the Second World War.

She later married Nigel Kneale, and went on to work as a BBC TV scriptwriter.

During her 50-year career, Judith published more than 30 books.

The success of her stories saw her sell more than six million books.

This includes two million copies of The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

The children’s story, which follows the fictional experience of a mother and daughter having a visit from a tiger, became a stalwart on pre-school reading lists.

Her huge success as an author also saw Judith’s net worth reach an estimated $20 million – or £15.8 million, according to Net Worth Post.

In the past, Judith spoke about her career.

Speaking to the Daily Mail back in 2017, she explained that, at the age of 94, she found herself “working harder than I ever have”.

“My work sustains me,” she added. “It used to take me about a year to create a new book, but I’m speeding up. I think I have to at my age.”


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