Kate Middleton news: How Duchess’ signature style channels Princess Margaret 



Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, has won many fashion plaudits for her classic sense of royal style. She has developed a signature style of her own with her Forties and Fifties-inspired silhouettes, with her stylish dress coats a particular favourite of fans. Plus, her love of of “hat-bands” has drawn the envy of many royal style-watchers.

The unusual headgear, which the Duchess memorably wore for Prince Louis’ 2018 christening, is an elegant band which perches on the top of the head, instead of a more cumbersome hat. 

The Duchess has drawn many comparisons to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana  for her stylish ensembles, most recently with her choice of a blue polka-dot dress in Prince Charles’ 70th birthday photos in November. 

However, another royal style inspiration can be seen in the glamorous Princess Margaret. 

The Queen’s sister herself was much admired for her style, and made a splash with her daring fashionable choices in the Forties and Fifties, which took advantage of the decades’ structured, hourglass silhouettes.

2007 Amazon Prime documentary “Princess Margaret: Her Real Life Story” shows archive footage of Margaret when she gave her first speech as part of her first solo royal engagement in Glasgow in 1947.

The young princess can be seen wearing a buttoned-up dress coat, that features a full skirt and nipped-in waist, with contrasting dark collar and pocket facings.

It looks just like Kate’s gorgeous emerald-green coat with a full skirt and darker velvet accents that she wore for Armistice Day 2018.

What is more, Princess Margaret’s hat also looks familiar.

She can be seen sporting a hat worn high on her head, which looks to be structured like a hat-band – although Princess Margaret’s headgear has squared corners in contrast to Kate’s choice of a more rounded silhouettes. 

Kate matched her emerald Armistice Day coat with a darker green hat-band, and she has added to her collection of her favourite headgear since. 

Most recently, the Duchess was seen at the royal Christmas Day service in Sandringham wearing a dark cranberry hat-band which contrasted with her red  dress coat, and then at a January church service with a matching teal hat-band and coat.

Her signature style has proven so popular that the Duchess has inspired a “RepliKate” community, who seek to copy the Duchess’ outfits either directly or by hunting out high-street alternatives.


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