Kate Middleton news: Princess Diana’s earrings revealed to be worth a fortune



Kate Middleton has access to some of the world’s most incredible jewellery. Not only is she allowed to borrow items from the Queen’s collection, she also has access to Princess Diana’s private collection. Diana is said to have left all her jewellery to her son’s future wives after her untimely death. Kate Middleton wore one such pair of earrings in Scotland earlier this week. 

The stunning gems are a pair of sapphire earrings.

The deep blue precious stones are ringed with sparking diamonds.

An expert revealed to Express.co.uk just how much these earrings are worth, and it’s a small fortune.

Deborah Papas Gemologist Prestige Pawnbrokers of Channel 4’s Posh Pawn revealed: “The Duchess of Cambridge wears a lot of blue and her engagement ring with the beautiful cornflower blue sapphire gives reciprocal compliments to her outfits.

“The diamond and sapphire earrings that match her ring were also from Prince William’s mother collection, the late Princess of Wales, and she had them as studs.”

Kate made a few adjustments to the jewellery when she was given the pieces by her husband.

Many choose to adapt their precious gems as time goes on and fashion changes.

“Prince William gifted them to his wife after their engagement and they have been converted into drop earrings and adding a diamond at the top which hides the wire style fittings and helps give lovely movement,” Deborah explained.

So just how much are they worth?

The expert said: “It is difficult to estimate the value without closer inspection but on the assumption the sapphires are of the same source, Sri Lanka (still referred to as Ceylon in the trade), they could be worth as much as £35,000.”

Where is Princess Diana’s jewellery now? 

Kate Middleton has a number of pieces that belonged to Diana.

This includes her Kate’s stunning engagement ring, which also belonged to Princess Diana.

How much is Princess Diana’s engagement ring worth now? 

The Duchess of Cambridge has other pieces linked to the Princess of Wales also.

She often wears the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara for state dinners.


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