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A singer has caused a stir after appearing to get a tattoo of Harry Styles on her cheek.

Kelsy Karter, a big fan of the former One Direction star, shared pictures of the provocative artwork on Instagram.

The 24-year-old, a recording artist based in LA, has long said she is desperate to work with Styles – and the tattoo could well be an attempt to grab his attention.

One photograph on Karter’s profile shows the artwork on her reddened cheek, along with the caption: “mama, look what i made me do.”

Another image shows her along with tattoo artist Roman Lacoste.

Whether real or fake, the post is her most-liked to date – amassing more than 31,000 likes at the time of writing.

Harry Styles noted that appearing as an actor meant keeping out of the limelight.
The singer has previously said she wanted to work with Harry Styles

The tattoo recreates a promotional shot taken for Styles’ eponymous 2017 album, where the singer posed with wet hair while wearing a blue velvet suit.

Reaction on Instagram tended to be one of shock – with many hoping the tattoo was temporary.

One person wrote: “Whoa. I hope that is fake.”

Another user commented: “I hope that ain’t real, your face looks so beautiful naturally”.

Someone else said: “I love lots of actors and actresses but I wouldn’t get a tattoo of them on my face…”

Earlier this month, Karter hinted at the tattoo in a tweet when she wrote: “Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday.”

She has spoken of her admiration of Styles in the past, telling i-D in 2017 that she feels like “a female version” of him.

Karter said: “For someone like me who wants to live in that world who hasn’t been in a boy band, he has opened the door for me. He’s introduced the kids to the kind of music I want to make.

“I really want to work with him. Let’s work, Harry. Where you at? Mark my words: I’m getting a song on his album.”


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