Kirsty Allsopp quits Twitter over iPad smashing backlash


TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp appears to have quit Twitter after revealing she smashed her children’s iPads when they broke rules she set on screen time.

Her comments led to a backlash, with people accusing her of treating valuable items carelessly.

“Why not donate for those who need them or educate your children to understand value?” wrote Hilary Gardner on Twitter.

David Doherty-Jebb said: “Kirsty Allsopp isn’t of the common people, is she? An iPad wouldn’t put much of a dint in her budget.”

And Lisa Parry tweeted: “Some kids have parents who can’t afford to feed them/wash their clothes. Kirsty Allsopp smashes up her kids’ iPads as a punishment. Says it all really.”

The 47-year-old told Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine show that her sons, Oscar Hercules and Bay Atlas, were playing games outside the allotted time.

“This is the first time I’ve said this publicly,” she said. “In June I smashed my kids’ iPads – not in a violent way. I actually banged them on the table leg.”

The Location, Location, Location presenter added: “There is a game called Fortnite and another PUBG and I decided… we had made all sorts of rules and all sorts of times when we said you can’t play them, and all those rules got broken and in the end I said: ‘Right that is it, I have to physically (break them).”‘

Allsopp did find some support online.

One user wrote: “Everyone slating Kirsty Allsopp must be such perfect parents, get over yourselves. I threw the PS4 out the window, desperate times…. hardly a major thing is it.”

And others clearly found it funny. The 80s Movie Club tweeted: “Kirsty Allsopp called her kids Oscar Hercules and Bay Atlas. I think they’ve been punished enough.”

While Damon Evans tweeted: “‘Destruction, Destruction, Destruction’ with Kirsty Allsopp?”

Allsopp is no stranger to controversy. She has previously revealed she flies a different class to her children to avoid spoiling them.


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