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Forget one star being born, the movie has lifted both its leads to even greater heights. Both have been nominated at every major awards ceremony this season so far, with Lady Gaga already scooping Best Actress at the Critics Choice and an Oscar nod. The song Shallow has scooped even more awards and is the signature moment from the movie when Gaga’s Ally finally reveals her incredible talent to the world. It is already a highlight of the singer’s ci=urrent residency in Las Vegas but fans went wild when Cooper himself appeared on stage this week and serenaded the crowd.

Film pundit Kevin McCarthy recorded the incredible experience and tagged the post: “Bradley Cooper just jumped on stage to do “Shallow” live!!! Insane!!! What an amazing show. Cooper was sitting right behind us. We said hi a couple times. I was wearing a Jackson Maine shirt. Wow. Amazing seeing them do that live.”

More than 750,000 have watched the clip already, but now the full video has been uploaded on Youtube.

The affection between the two stars is palpable and Cooper proves he really can sing live – although he is still, naturally, overshadowed by Gaga’s powerhouse vocals.

Watch the incredible moment below.

The two stars hug when Cooper appears on stage to the crowd’s delight.

Lady Gaga then says ” I even got you in-ears (in-ear microphones musicians use on stage).”

Cooper explains: “Jackson never used these,” referring to his character from the film.

He then turns the crowd and says “Hello Vegas,” before beginning to sing with Gaga crouched adoringly before him.

Fans gushed over the performance in the comments section, although many couldn’t help projecting their wishes for the couple to be together in real life.

Cooper has actually been with supermodel Irina Shayk since 2015, while Gaga is engaged to talent agent Christian Carino.

However, fans can look forward to another emotional performance from the pair at the Oscars in February.


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