Larry King’s Wife Gives Health Update Following Heart Scare



Larry King

Wife Shawn Gives Big Health Update

… After Heart Scare

6/8/2019 11:49 AM PDT

Larry King‘s wife has a major update on the health status of her hubby after he suffered what we’re told was a heart attack … and his fans are sure to be pleased.

Shawn King spoke with a photog Friday at LAX and dished out some good news about ol’ Lare — he’s doing well and resting up following his heart scare in April. Even more encouraging … Shawn says folks will see the legendary talk show host back on TV in due time.

TMZ broke the story … Larry was hospitalized a couple of months ago after suffering what doctors described to his family as a heart attack — even though his publicist insists it was nothing more than an angina attack … and that he did NOT go into cardiac arrest.

Larry underwent a procedure known as an angioplasty, in which doctors opened him up and inserted several stents into a collapsed artery. He was put into the cardiac intensive care unit and got released shortly afterward. 

Larry King's Wife Gives Health Update Following Heart Scare 1At the end of March, he was seen looking somewhat frail as he left a doctor’s office, with a swarm of people around him offering help as he got out of a vehicle.

Despite his health problems, LK had been going strong on his weekly web series, “Politicking with Larry King,” which he was hosting consistently up until his heart scare. Shawn says you’ll be seeing him back on your screen soon enough here, so it’s clear his recovery has gone off without a hitch. 

Shawn also relays a message to his fans who were concerned about him these past couple months. Check it out … seems like he’s heard all the well-wishes lately.


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