LCSO employee suspended, on probation for having sex while on duty

A Lee County Sheriff’s Office employee received three-day suspension, six -month disciplinary probation…

LCSO employee suspended, on probation for having sex while on duty 1

A Lee County Sheriff’s Office employee was placed on a three-day suspension on March 17 for having sex while on duty. She also received a six-month disciplinary probation.

Shannon Navarro, a technology specialist, has been charged after an internal investigation with improper conduct: conduct unbecoming officer/member and neglect of duty: loafing inattention to duties/procedures, according to the Internal Affairs report.

Navarro’s improper conduct was discovered while the Major Crimes Special Victims Unit was investigating a former LCSO employee, Phillip Seeley, in February.

Seeley was arrested and charged with six counts of sex offense of video voyeurism and was fired after he was accused of video recording a woman without her knowledge.

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Seeley was released from Lee County Jail on Tuesday after posting $60,000 bond and he has a case management conferenced scheduled for April 6.

While investigating Seeley, videos of Navarro were uncovered and appeared to have occurred while she was on duty, the report states.

Detectives collected numerous electronic devices from Seeley’s home and they found video files involving a female dressed in LCSO attire undressing and engaging in sex with Seeley.

Multiple video’s were reviewed with different time stamps that showed the same female,   later identified as Navarro. In four isolated videos, Navarro was recorded having sex during her scheduled work days.

During Navarro’s interview, she said she and Seeley are in love and that she was aware of the tiny camera Seeley sometimes uses to record them, the report states.

Navarro also stated she would take her lunch break to meet Seeley and could only assume she was on her lunch break,  “seeing him for a rendezvous.”

She agreed during the video recordings she was on duty and when asked why she didn’t wait until she was off duty, she stated, “his wife would have been home at that time.”

Navarro told investigators that she met up with Seeley about 12 times to engage in sexual activity while on duty and agreed that her job duties require her to be available and that she receives a paid lunch break, the report states.

She also stated that she drove her agency vehicle, which is generally identified as a police vehicle, to Seeley’s home.

“I made a very bad decision and part of it might be explained because I was taking a risk,” Navarro told investigators. Further stating that she had an undiagnosed medical condition during that time frame that could have contributed to her risky behavior, the report states.

LCSO employee suspended, on probation for having sex while on duty 2


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