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Speculation has been rife this week that the pair could be set for a sensational reconciliation.

James and Irving played for the Cleveland Cavaliers together for three years, and won the 2016 NBA Championship.

However, their relationship reportedly turned sour after Irving wanted to become the star man and lead the franchise, something that was not possible with James in the same team.

This led to the youngster handing in a trade request, and heading to the Boston Celtics.

However, the Celtics have failed to live up to expectations, and Irving has only recently turned into the true leader of the franchise.

Last week, Irving slammed his team-mates for their lack of effort, citing the fact none of them had won a championship ring.

Days later, he told press that he had called up James to apologise for the way he acted in Cleveland, fuelling rumours that the pair had reconciled.

With his contract set to expire in the summer, Irving is eligible for a max contract, but it is possible that the Celtics will use the money elsewhere to keep their young core happy.

If that happens, it is entirely possible that the 26-year-old could be persuaded to go to Los Angeles to reunite with James.

The Lakers superstar did nothing to squash those rumours on Friday as he posted a video of himself singing in his car, tagging Kyrie for his 46.6million followers to see.

He filmed himself singing ‘rewind’ by Fetty Wap, and had some very interesting lyrics playing.

The song lyrics are as follows: “I know you’re with ’em know but soon you will be mine.

“If I could bring it back, I’ll probably press rewind.”

The Lakers are keen to sign a free agent in the summer to become the number two to James.

Their number one target is expected to be Anthony Davis, but as he is under contract until next year, the Lakers would have to produce a trade for him.

If they are to get a free agent, other possible options to Irving are Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, all of whom are expected to reject the Lakers.

With James being 34-years-old, he is heading towards the end of his career, so it is believed Irving could be tempted to move to the Lakers with the view of taking over when ‘King James’ retires.


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