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That is what ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith believes.

Davis handed in a trade request earlier this week and it is believed his preferred destination is the Lakers.

The Pelicans star has a year and a half left on his contract and will become a free agent at the end of next season.

While players on the trade block usually have no say as to where they end up, it is expected that Davis and his agent, Rich Paul, will tell teams that wherever he is traded to, he will not sign an extension, meaning he will only be there for a year.

He could use this as leverage to can secure a move to Los Angeles in free agency.

The trade window closes on February 7, meaning the Lakers have just over a week to put together a trade.

The Boston Celtics, who also want Davis, are only able to make a trade offer in the summer and this means the Lakers are unlikely to be able to seal a trade. (need to explain how the Celtics making an offer in the summer affects the Lakers not sealing a trade now)

And Smith explained what Magic Johnson, president of basketball operations for the Lakers, will have to do to secure the deal before the trade deadline.

“Magic Johnson has to convince them to pull the trigger beforehand [the summer]” Smith explained.

“Rich Paul has to convince them to pull the trigger, LeBron James has to convince them to pull the trigger.

“I personally don’t see how any of them can do it.

“If you’re telling me he could end up a Laker by the summer, I would be all in.

“But to tell me that the Pelicans can be forced to capitulate to the Lakers in the next nine days before the deadline, do you have information on them or something?

“There is no reason for the Pelicans to capitulate to the Lakers.

“I’m scared for Magic, because obviously I’m rooting for the Lakers, I would love to see Anthony Davis in LA.

“I would love to see another superstar play alongside LeBron James.

“But my problem is how are they going to pull it off? I don’t see how they can do it.”


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