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That is according to NBA pundit Tas Melas.

The Lakers suffered a brutal 136-94 loss against the Pacers on Tuesday, the worst in James’ career while he has been on the court.

Despite the four-time MVP playing 30 minutes and scoring 18 points, the Lakers were second best throughout.

They put up little fight on defense and were blunt on offense, as they were outscored by 42 points.

The Lakers are currently in turmoil at the moment, as they are in a bitter battle with the New Orleans Pelicans to get a trade deal done for Anthony Davis.

So far, no deal has even come close to fruition, and Lakers president Magic Johnson has threatened to pull out of talks after unrealistic demands.

Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, JaVale McGee, Lance Stephenson, and Ivica Zubac have all been offered up in the trade.

And on Tuesday night, James appeared to distance himself from those players, as he sat three seats away from his team-mates on his own on the bench against the Pacers.

Speaking on The Starters podcast, Melas explained that James was embarrassing for doing that.

The crew were discussing the most embarrassing moment from Tuesday’s crushing defeat.

“What I thought was embarrassing was LeBron not sitting with any of his team-mates on the bench,” he said.

“That was LeBron, not the Pacers faithful [referring to ‘Bron’s gonna trade you chants]

“LeBron, you’re asking for it by sitting three seats away from the other guys.

“Maybe his throne couldn’t get attached to those seats so he had to sit on that one, but it’s weird.

“It reminded me of last year the game before the trade deadline when he hit the game winner against the Wolves and he kind of avoided Isiah Thomas.

“He [Thomas] got dealt, so I’m not sure if he avoided those other guys on the bench who might be dealt.”


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