Letters to editor for Friday, May 7, 2021

Readers write to Fort Myers News-Press and Naples Daily News about corporate taxes,…

Letters to editor for Friday, May 7, 2021 1

Consumers to pay corporate tax hike

Regarding the so-called fair share of taxes to be required by the current administration on all corporations: To a corporation, a tax is just another expense. When one expense is increased by 50%, the corporation can reduce other expenses or increase the costs of its goods or services.

Now couple this fair-share foolishness with the claim that no individual earning less than $400,000 will have a tax increase — let me use this example: Ford Motor Co. sells me, an individual who earns less than $400,000, a work truck for $50,000. Ford then has one of its expenses increased by 50%. The easiest way for Ford to recoup this loss is to increase truck prices by a modest amount to cover Ford’s added expense.

Wait a minute, though. There are hundreds of supplier corporations — steel, tires, glass and batteries — that also have had a 50% tax expense increase. So each in turn has to reduce expenses — perhaps head count — or increase prices by a modest amount. Hundreds of small corporations employing thousands of people will now pass a small increase on to Ford. So rather than a modest increase to cover just his increased tax expense, Ford now must also cover the increased tax expenses placed on all of its corporate suppliers.

The next individual earning less than $400,000 now will have to pay $52,000 for a work truck. Who in the end pays the corporations’ so-called fair share? It is the person earning less than $400,000.

Don Rader, East Naples

Foster homes needed for kids in SWFL

Our world has been turned upside down for the past year by the pandemic. As our community continues to adjust to our new normal, what remains the same? Child abuse and child neglect continue to turn children’s lives upside down every day.

The National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) has not lost sight of the need for foster homes in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Glades and Hendry counties.

In our own community, innocent children are coming into foster care every day. This is a call for action! The region needs foster homes now more than ever.

NYAP is eager and ready to train and license foster parents in a safe and convenient way. Contact us today to learn about personalized online training opportunities to fast-track you toward becoming a licensed foster parent.

In a world full of chaos and uncertainty, will you be the safe place for a child? Anyone interested in learning more about the foster parent experience can find answers at 321-722-7778, mbrock@nyap.org, www.nyap.org or Facebook @NYAPFortMyers.

Melanie Brock, Cape Coral 

‘Strengthen human infrastructure’

Re. the letter about liberals “cramming socialism down our throats”: President Biden intends to use federal funding partly to strengthen human infrastructure, which has been weakened or insufficiently supported by most previous administrations.

The label “socialism” seems to imply redistribution of income and increased taxes. Look who will be taxed more: corporations who avoid taxes now, people earning over $400,000, or in the case of capital gains earners, over $1million. If I earned that, I would be fine paying more taxes, because I understand “trickle down” economics does not work.

Increasing after-tax income will support lower-income earners who keep our food on the table, build our houses, maintain our roads, etc. They will spend the extra money, which they need to live, and that will quickly boost the economy for everyone.

This an FDR moment. My hope is Republicans in Congress will work toward improving, not blocking, proposals he made, putting the country first. 

Martin Strasmore, East Naples

Liz Cheney — ‘she’s got to go, right?’

How dare U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney say that horrible lie about the 2020 election NOT being stolen, but instead claiming Trump is “poisoning our democratic system” simply because the election was verified by all the states and courts.   

And what’s up with that crazy insurrection talk about how Trump encouraged his followers to fight like hell and storm the Capitol on Jan. 6?  She obviously needs to be fired from her leadership post. We all need to toe the line for the party line, no matter how crazy, right?  

But there still might be time for her. If she would simply dismiss her values and integrity, take one for Trump-obsessed Republican team and stop this crazy talk, she could save herself.

If not, she’s got to go, right? We don’t want any Republicans demonstrating that kind of honesty in our party. We want only Trump-cult followers leading our party and nation. Any members who think otherwise should admonished, condemned and dismissed from office as quickly as possible.  

Our Republican Party obviously needs Trump’s damaging, idiotic rhetoric back to lead our country back down the drain, as he did for four years.   

Steve Hostick, Cape Coral 


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