Letters to the editor for Monday, May 24, 2021

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Letters to the editor for Monday, May 24, 2021 2
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Irony in vaccine hesitation

While not the position I chose to take, I do get at some level the hesitation some have in getting the vaccine due to uncertainty about long-term effects and data. It is a newer technology that has not had widespread use in the past and so this reasoning at least has some intelligent thought behind it for those who try to take care of themselves. What I find sad, ironic and amusing at the same time is this – I have spoken with many people who have spent their entire lives eating Slim Jims, Cheetos, donuts and Twinkies, KFC, factory-raised chickens filled with antibiotics and living in their own feces, drinking diet sodas and Red Bull, spraying their lawn with Roundup, etc., etc., etc., but when asked about the vaccine proclaim with authority – “I’m not putting THAT in my body!”

Ron Benninga, Sanibel

The truth about Trump

A letter was posted on May 15, 2021 titled “Questioning Trump’s Success.” It relates to our southern border, the Middle East and Asia.

On the southern border Trump enforced U.S. immigration laws, built a large portion of the wall, deployed troops to better ensure that undocumented people could not cross into the U.S. and he ended Catch and Release of undocumented people. The result is that illegal crossings plummeted.  The new administration’s policies have created a mass migration mess.  They own it.

In the Middle East, Trump canceled a nuke deal with Iran which stymied the development of the nuclear bomb.  He killed Iran’s Quds Force commander, Qassem Suleimani, the purveyor of death in the Middle East. Both actions proved that America was serious about protecting its own and its allies in the Middle East. He brokered the peace treaties between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain.  What we see on television today are Palestinians flexing muscle. They did not do so under Trump. 

Trump intensified America’s pushback against China’s expansionism in the South China Sea. It reversed the old approach of “limiting transits” which conceded China’s territorial claims in the region. France, the UK and Australia all joined this effort too.

This letter better reflects the truth.

Nick Blauwiekel, Naples

Bringing this country down

To watch my ( our ) country be destroyed by the socialist Democratic Party, to see hundreds of thousands of illegals legally come into our country, bring with them disease, drugs and crime; most don’t speak English, and have no skills which means we the taxpayer will have to support them; to stop the Keystone Pipeline and stop all drilling on government land; to reverse all the good things Trump did; our foreign policy is inspiring Iran to start trouble against Israel.

Seems to me is that the Democrats are trying to change our country into the Green New Deal, get off of oil and replace it with wind and sun, something we don’t want. What I really don’t understand is why the press, every big corporation, every TV network conspires with the Democrats to bring this country down. But the worst is you, the press, who refuse to discuss how crooked the whole Biden clan is and has been for many years. I think Trump was our best president ever. Speaking about Trump, never has a president been so tormented by the other party. I think it’s a disgrace to our whole political system.

Moe Sinclair, Cape Coral

Please fund Florida Humanities

Governor DeSantis, I implore you to fund Florida Humanities in the upcoming budget.

I cannot imagine why our state would fail to support the public’s education about the history and culture of the place we live. Grants they provide (requiring match) are a lifeline for small organizations like Friends of the Fort Myers Library, enabling us to bring knowledgeable, professional speakers on wide-ranging topics to our community of residents and snowbirds. We relied on these grants for several years and hundreds of people have attended these lectures. Due to the lack of state money, grants in the past two years were unavailable, which curtailed our ability to offer these programs.

Florida Humanities projects like Florida Stories funded historic walking tours throughout the state including the newest one in the African-American community here in Fort Myers. Traveling exhibits bring important stories to smaller communities that would otherwise be unable to host them.

An educated electorate is the foundation of our democracy. Access to the history and culture of Florida — especially for transplants — is critical for the citizenry to understand and appreciate the rich heritage  of our state and to make informed decisions for its betterment in the future.

Nancy Petralia, president, Friends of the Fort Myers Library


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