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Letters to the editor for Monday, May 31, 2021 1
Letters to the editor for Monday, May 31, 2021 2
Letters to the editor for Monday, May 31, 2021 3

Dereliction of duty in Congress

Our representatives in Congress, House and Senate, swear an oath of allegiance to “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” That is their primary responsibility. Their oath of allegiance is to the Constitution, not an individual.

The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was a seditious and violent attack to overturn the election and our government. This attack resulted in death and injuries to those defending members of Congress from the riotous mob. President Trump had a significant role in this attack, a seditious act in itself, and some senators actually encouraged the rioters.

Many Republican members of Congress, even some of those threatened by the attack, are failing in their duties to investigate the origins of this attack. We have never seen such a violent attempt to overthrow our government. For the members of Congress to remain silent is unconscionable and a dereliction of duty.

Kudos to the thirty-five Republican House members who remained loyal to their oath.

Bob Ford, Fort Myers

Devote more ink to conservatives

I challenge The News-Press to print as many letters received from conservatives as appear daily from liberals. You seem to forget you’re located in a Republican area. You aren’t serving your readership well at all.

In reply to recent letters from Naples and Estero: The White House is now full of liberals. You’re rolling out your agenda like there’s no tomorrow, and there won’t be! You’re spending money like a drunken sailor. So why is Trump still living rent-free in your head? Get over Trump! Move on! You’ve managed to get Biden in the White House! Focus on him if you can.

And lastly, to Brandon Jett’s column about “Colleges not sites of liberal teaching.” I think I agree with you. Things have gotten far worse. Now the teaching is more socialistic and fascist. Liberal indoctrination? Absolutely! You’d have to be blind to reality not to know what has happened to our schools and universities since the ’60s. Sadly, it starts when our children are very, very young and continues through higher education. There is a ray of sunshine in that parents are finally waking up to what is being taught and not being taught in our educational systems. Parents are getting involved at the grass roots. We can only pray it is not too late.

Karen Anderson, Cape Coral

Thoughts on race, college education

Good grief!  It seemed the entire editorial page on Sunday, May 23, had its knee on the necks of white people. As one, I do apologize for our having been unable to alleviate more of the pain and anger through the years regarding race. But I would like to remind Professor Thornhill that our country is the only one that ever fought a war over slavery, and to some extent, slavery still exists in other countries. But no one ever mentions that.

 As for the sarcastic article by yet another professor, Steven Grossman, whose name accurately describes him, he teased us with a fake concern about the virus, but his column was actually just another hit piece on Donald Trump. If I had a son or daughter in college today, black or white, I would be worried.

Jan Ganter, Fort Myers

Plight of undocumented workers

As I was reading the news about the impact of the general strike by Palestinian workers in Israel, it made me think of what would happen if the undocumented workers in Collier County were to go on strike.

Who would mow our lawns, bus our tables, clean our homes, pick our vegetables, and do the myriad jobs that we citizens do not choose to do for ourselves?

Sadly, we will probably never find out because far too many of our undocumented workers cannot afford to go on strike even for a day.

David Goldstein, Naples

Changes at Naples Airport

The Naples Airport Authority is undertaking the next 20-year master plan as well as a Part 150 noise study. There have been many changes at the airport in the last 20 years, too many to to mention here. But let’s highlight a few of significance.

We have a U.S. Customs office on the field so we do have international traffic. There are certainly health concerns in this regard! The NAA still pays the city $1 per year for the use of 735 acres of prime real estate.

Twenty years ago 600 people showed up at a public meeting to protest airport plans. This year, 14. I think it is safe to say that residents who value the “small town feel” have given up on any real changes for the better on jet noise.

This is further evidenced by the fact that the NAA doesn’t even maintain a log of who is not honoring the voluntary curfew (10 p.m.-7 a.m.) or any plan to address itinerant aircraft operations.

Ronald A. Soulard, Naples


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