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Name calling a poor tactic

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” says Shakespeare’s Juliet, struggling to understand why Romeo’s family name is anathema to her family.

Misusing names to disparage political opinions has long been a tactic to sow confusion. Senator McCarthy demonized progressive people as communists and fellow travelers for his own purposes before being called out in disgrace. US Cold War governments constantly warned against communism taking over American capitalism and democracy.

The Republicans Party’s failure to deal with real problems causes them to resort to name calling again. They label any progressive legislative proposals as socialism, unable and unwilling to accept that allotting tax dollars for early childhood education, free access to public higher education, universal health coverage, livable minimum wages, and support to lift children out of poverty does not require the government to own the service providers.

These Luddite stances hurt our society and nation. Samuel Johnson wrote that deeming objection to policies as patriotic is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Others write that such people wrap themselves in the flag, pretending to be doing something for patriotic reasons when their real motives are selfish.

Name calling is no substitute for a lack of policy proposals. If the Republicans cannot stand the heat, they should stay out of the kitchen.

Michael Finkel, Naples

Whom does the New Law Suppress?

Following the recent passage of a law limiting voting access, Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes was quoted as saying “Anything that makes it harder for people to cast their vote will have an oversized impact on seniors.” He went on to say that he was concerned his fellow Republicans in the State House didn’t fully appreciate the possible repercussions of their actions.

Now there’s an irony.

Despite no evidence the 2020 election was flawed and reassurances from Supervisors of Election that there was no fraud, Governor DeSantis and his Republican cronies managed to ram through a so-called “Voting Integrity” bill making it harder for all of us to cast our ballots.

How fitting it would be if the voter suppression impact of such a law was bi-partisan and that those who passed the legislation were making voting harder for their very supporters.

Anything that makes it harder to vote is a sad day for Democracy, but seeing this ridiculous new law blow up in the Governor’s face is hard not to like.

Janice Ippolito, Port Charlotte

Stay in your lane

Nancy Armour’s article of May 12 was too much. I rarely look at the sports page and more rarely read Nancy’s article because I rarely pay any attention to professional sports or athletes.

However ,I do like Tim Tebow and his name caused me to read her article.

In her article she opines about Urban Meyer — “But he has always believed that he knows more than he does, and has a history of letting his personal feelings influence his thinking.”

Ironically, I can’t image a truer statement to describe Nancy Armour. I wish Meyer and Tebow well and hope Nancy finds something she “really knows “to write about.

Bruce Butcher, Fort Myers Beach

Questioning Trump’s success

In response to the 05/11/2021 letter, “Praise for Trump”.

After reading this letter, I turned on the TV to see that the Middle East is on the verge of war so what happened to his “great peace”? Watching the news and reading, The Week, I see that the Far East is far from stable with the Chinese threatening Taiwan and North Korea continuing to practice shooting missiles into the Sea of Japan.

Didn’t realize that we had been so close to war with Iran but leaving the agreement we had carefully negotiated and signed with many other nations was not the best move he made. And the southern border? President Biden and Vice-President Harris are working hard to clean up the mess that Trump left them. So nothing nasty, just the bare truth. 

Judith Huebner, North Fort Myers

‘Local ‘newspaper not very ‘local’

I support the opinion of a recent letter writer. His letter showed dissatisfaction with the News Press. The reason? A local event to raise money for a local food bank. This fund raiser is an important local outreach by a business to support a serious problem – food. Why did this item escape the local section of the paper?

The News Press must answer this question. But other observations appearing in our local paper bothers me more. Yes, I understand the News Press is also the Naples Daily and the counties of Lee and Collier must be represented but why are we overwhelmed with opinions and editorials from all over Florida (Miami / Palm Beach / Etc). Why can’t the News Press actually cover SWFL?

The News Press no longer supports the community. The News Press needs to reduce the amount of editorials from “columnists” outside of our towns.

Start reflecting the important issues in SWFL, our kids, our economy, and our water. There is certainly enough news in our counties to make a paper important and profitable. 

Jack Holt, Cape Coral


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