Letters to the editor for Thursday, May 20, 2021

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Look in-house for administrator

Here we go again. Sanibel is losing its long-time city manager. She has been a bright spot in managing the island, but now wishes to retire.

The council has decided to solicit suggestions for a search firm from its members, engage that firm in a national search (of course), then receive results and make a choice. Straightforward, huh? Didn’t work so well recently for Fort Myers.

Why a national search firm? What does a city administrator in Pocatello, Idaho know about red tide? What does a vice mayor in Burlington, Vermont, who wishes a warmer clime, know about island life and challenges? Do I hear hurricanes?

It has been my business experience in past years that the second-in-command is nearly always capable to fill the boss’s shoes if he or she is temporarily incapacitated or on vacation. Why spend taxpayer money on new salary, travel, moving expenses and temporary housing as well as the enormous fee for the search firm when the answer could be right in the office?

Raymond Brooks, Fort Myers

Liz Cheney’s efforts misplaced

The Naples Daily News published an article by Donna Brazile.  Her article outlines her position with regard to the ouster of Liz Cheney from the Republican House leadership team.  However, it is interesting that she says in part, “I’ve never believed that the job of members of the Congress in the opposition party was to do everything possible to obstruct and sabotage the president.” Really? Where was she over the past four years when Trump was president?

Liz Cheney was voted out of her House leadership position because she felt it was necessary to focus on Trump and the “Big Lie.”  Even after she survived an earlier vote to remove her from the leadership team, she continued her diatribe on Trump and the Big Lie.  The role of a House Republican in a leadership position is to develop election strategy and counteract the opposition when necessary.  She chose not to do that, but continues to put Trump at the forefront.

Trump is out, and the 2020 election has been decided, but Trump will play a role in the party. After all, 74,000,000 people voted for him.  Cheney should not alienate those people.

Nick Blauwiekel, Naples

GOP lawmakers’ charade

Republican lawmakers fear the power of people, so they push for school privatization. They want to completely dismantle funding for public schools but know this would not sit well with most citizens. That’s why they engage in incremental changes — they hope we won’t notice.

A long-time GOP objective is to minimize all government spending, and public education is one of the largest line items in state budgets. Eliminating public education spending would reduce the tax burden on wealthy citizens.

But citizens love public schools, so the GOP creates a false narrative about “failing schools.” Most people don’t share their vision for limited government when they realize what a critical role government plays in their lives. Taking down public schools minimizes the impact of powerful teachers’ unions and local school boards. This represents yet another sinister GOP method to reduce the power of people.

The mainstream GOP proves, once again, that their grumbling about big government a smoke-and-mirrors charade all about political posturing.

Karen Fisk, Rotonda West

Volunteers should be commended

In response to “a different perspective” who was apparently responding to another letter having to do with volunteers, I think YOU are missing the big picture.  Do you know what would be really easy for said white middle- and upper-income middle-class volunteers?  Staying home and NOT volunteering.  ANY volunteer regardless of class, income, race or age should be commended for freely giving their time to help people less fortunate as them.  Perhaps you should try it.

Eileen Santoro, Naples

Create first-class public golf course

I thought the commissioners were so forward-thinking when they rescued the golf course on Collier Boulevard.  Now that it belongs to the county, they could use the blueprint done by the Robert Trent Jones golf trail in Tennessee to make this a truly community endeavor.  The Robert Trent Jones golf courses were created using the retirement funds from the public servants and they developed a marvelous plan for running them, providing jobs and training for members of the communities.  And it has been a financial success. 

For Collier County, there are such possibilities to utilize our own resources to make this a successful operation. We could use FGCU, Lorenzo Walker or St. Matthew’s  to provide interns in many of their programs such as turf management, horticulture and golf course management.

We could use those in culinary training from St. Matthew’s House for food services.  We could train interns in merchandizing in the golf shop or in accounting.  And there are always golf professionals looking for first opportunities.  And, don’t forget, our First Tee program. 

It could be a win-win for all of us giving Collier County th a first-class public golf course for everyone to enjoy. 

Sally Lam, Naples


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