Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 26, 2021 1
Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 26, 2021 2
Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 26, 2021 3

Party over country for GOP

Why Is it a surprise that Republicans in Congress will not acknowledge the events of Jan. 6 by voting for a bipartisan investigation and would just prefer to “move on”?

At every turn Republicans have shown us that it’s party over country, but the Republicans’ resistance to an investigation is not because they don’t believe or understand why it happened, it’s because they do.  

However, since there is no way to defend what happened, except for the ridiculous attempts that have been made, their best strategy is to ignore it and hope that the details don’t make the pages of history and keep from contaminating the Republican brand.

Roger W. Quagliano, Estero

Left presents fiction as fact

Last week in letters to the editor a writer talks about separating fact from fiction. Let me pick up on that and list some fact from fiction from the left.

Over two years accusing Trump of Russian collusion: fiction. Trump called KKK and neo-Nazis good people in Charlottesville: fiction. Trump called the virus a hoax: fiction. Russian bounty on US soldiers: fiction. Hunter laptop was Russian propaganda: fiction. Trump called soldiers buried in Normandy losers: fiction.

I could then go on to the constant drumbeat of Trump botched handling the virus. The facts are clear that it was Biden and the left who downplayed the virus. When Trump restricted flights, they were saying he was overreacting, a fearmonger, xenophobic and a racist. Fauci himself said we had little to worry about. Pelosi was encouraging people to go out and celebrate Chinese New Year.

The Ukraine issue was another big lie from the left. Biden extorted the leadership of Ukraine to either fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma where his son was on the board or he would not give them billions of dollars in U.S. aid. This was a criminal act and when Trump suggested it be investigated, they tried to impeach him to cover up the crime Biden committed.

Ron Wobbeking, Naples

Public vs. private beach

There have been a number of recent stories and letters concerning residents being blocked from beach access at certain locations in front of private properties in Collier County.

Most of the public discussion incorrectly cites the Mean High Tide Line (MHTL) as the boundary between public vs. private sand. However, in locales such as Collier where public funds have been used to replenish the beach, the “new” sand is public and the line that marks the border between public and private sand is called the Erosion Control Line (ECL). Any dry sand on the Gulf side of the ECL is public; any sand on the landward side is private.

Unfortunately most residents are not aware of the ECL’s existence nor, apparently, are some of the coastal landowners and security personnel who may have erroneously shooed folks off of the beach in front of some condos, hotels and homes.

While the ECL line is not marked on the beach itself, for those interested you can find maps on the Collier County website. Go to the Coastal Zone Management section. There will be links to “2018 Aerial Book Collier, Parts 1 and 2.” Pages 54-61 in Book 1, for example, show aerial photos of the beach from just north of Vanderbilt Beach down to the Ritz Carlton.

It appears that just under half the dry sand is public in that stretch of coast based on the ECL.

There’s also a good summary of the issue in a Naples Daily News column printed on June 13, 2019, still available by searching for Brent Batten’s column on Beach Access in Collier County.

Robert Hunt, Naples

Cartoon distorts Israel-Hamas conflict

Dave Granlund, political cartoonist of USA Today, displays a highly distorted picture of the continuing wars between Hamas, dedicated to Israel’s destruction, and Israel, dedicated to defending itself. The “Sturmer-like” caricature of Netanyahu lacks only horns to classify it as being anti-emitic.

The dialogue, along with various captions, plus sarcasm and utterly false innuendos, would lead the generally uninformed reader to believe that (1) Israel is the aggressor; (2) Netanyahu’s defensive responses, aimed at weakening Hamas as much as possible, are motivated by a power thrust and (3) holding a “Wag the Dog” book strongly suggests that the U.S. government is being controlled by Israel.

Overall, this cartoon highlights the strong media bias and condemnation of a nation, that unlike any other, is steadily striving to survive in a highly unwelcome region, led by Iran, which is now being re-empowered to resume its nuclear aspirations by our current administration.

Samuel Frazer, Fort Myers


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