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Lewis Hamilton is well on course to secure the fifth World Championship of his career as he leads Sebastian Vettel by 30 points.

The pair are preparing to go to battle again this weekend under the lights at the Singapore Grand Prix.

But in the two weeks since the last race in Monza, Mercedes’ tactics have come under scrutiny for not letting their two drivers race each other to ensure they both secure a huge chunk of points.

And Bottas says he is happy to play his part in helping Hamilton beat Vettel to the Championship, even if it hinders his own chances on climbing the standings.

“I understand that Lewis is fighting for the title while my chances are very small,” said Bottas.

“So if I can help him do it, I will.”

Bottas’ role with Mercedes has often been criticised and Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene labelled him a “butler” for his part in slowing down Kimi Raikkonen at the Italian Grand Prix last time out.

The Prancing Horse chief has since apologise but Bottas says he found the comments hilarious.

“Everyone is free to express their thoughts. I was amused by some of them,” added Bottas.

“What really matters to me is how I perform and how the team is working.

“Both drivers work for the team and although the team doesn’t want to spoil my race, I want to help where I can.

“For example at Monza I drove a longer first stint, but at the end of the race I was able to attack on fresh tyres and eventually went on the podium.

“The team wants us both to succeed.”

Meanwhile, Arrivabene says he apologised personally to Bottas for his comments in Monza.

“As soon as I said it in the heat of the battle, I knew it would create controversy,” Arrivabene told Italian motorsport magazine Autosprint.

“Since then I have exchanged messages with Valtteri Bottas. I wanted to apologise to him and understand what I meant.

“It had slipped out but it’s not a label I want to use for Bottas. I appreciate his response very much that he understood.”


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