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WARNING: Major spoilers for Ma ahead. The new movie appears to end with Spencer’s character, Sue Ann, meeting a grizzly end. Rather than die as a result of being stabbed by Maggie, she meets her maker as a result of the giant house fire; accepting her fate with the body of Andy’s father, Ben. The assumption is that the house collapses around – and on – her.

But did she really die?

Speaking in a new interview, Spencer’s co-star Juliette Lewis, who plays Erica, appeared open to the possibility that she didn’t.

Speaking to ScreenRant with Diana Silvers (Maggie), the pair were asked if they think Sue Ann really met her demise.

“That is a good question,” Lewis said.

“I could tell you what I think. Ma lives, man. She lives.”

Silver added: “Some people don’t die.”

And Lewis continued: “Then do they die? Or is their energy so evil it carries on?”

For now, it appears as though Ma is a self-contained story that won’t be open to sequels.

There’s no post-credits scene, and no stingers that seem to leave the door open.

Still, if Ma performs well enough at the box office, could studio bosses be tempted? Time will tell.

Ma has had mixed reviews from the critics: it currently has 61% on Rotten Tomatoes, putting it just 1% over the threshold for a “fresh” rating.

The critics’ consensus reads: “Octavia Spencer’s performance overpowers many of Ma’s flaws, but uneven pacing and a labored story keep this thriller from fully realizing its unhinged potential.”

Its audience score is much the same: currently on 67%; while on Metacritic it has a score of 53; indicating “mixed or average reviews”.

Ma is out now.


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