Marks & Spencer sale: UK stores selling stock for JUST 10p



Marks & Spencer is the popular UK high street store. Currently the British brand is selling stock for as little as 10p. A popular money blogger revealed shoppers could get their hands on deals at the moment. She recommends buying Christmas items now.

Charlotte Burns, who runs the blog, said: “The beginning of February is the best time to pick up super reduced Christmas items, as stores are desperate to get rid of unsold stock.

“These items are often discounted by 90 per cent or more, so it’s the perfect time to pick them up, even if Christmas is far from your mind.”

“If you’re going to need wrapping paper etc next year, you might as well buy them now at a fraction of the price and put them away until December.”

The blogger also revealed where bargain-hunting shoppers should look for the deals.

Charlotte recommended looking on the bottom shelf.

She said: “M&S and other stores are unlikely to use prime spots to flog the cheap items, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled.

“Check the back of the stores and bottom shelves to find the Christmas item.”

Charlotte found the deals in her local Streatham branch in London.

Lidl has launched range that looks just like The White Company – but for £3.99.

The candles are the spitting image of luxury brand.

A large ‘rainfall’ candle from The White Company will set customers back a whopping £60.

However, Lidl’s new range starts from under £4.

More UK high street news has shocked as Debenhams may close 20 stores this year. 

The department store is in talks with banks after struggling financially.

The BBC reported that Debenhams is exploring a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) that could mean 20 stores will close.

The department store chain is hoping to borrow more money to pay rent to its landlords.


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