Maryland Senate President Miller: Health news is ‘largely good’


Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, who is being treated for advanced prostate cancer, told his colleagues in a letter that “the news is largely good” regarding his health.

“While I still incur back pain due to the cancer in my bones, I otherwise continue to face an improving prognosis for the time being,” the Democrat wrote last week.

Miller, 76, said his levels of akaline phosphates, which can indicate problems in the bones or liver, as well as those of prostate-specific antigens, which indicate prostate cancer levels, have both dropped.

He also said he’s being treated with an injectable form of radiation called radium-223. Miller wrote that when that regimen is completed, “my medical team will once again re-evaluate next steps.”

Miller told fellow senators that in recent weeks, he’s taken care of issues in his southern Maryland district, worked at his law practice and spent time with his family.

Miller, who has led the Senate as president since 1987, announced in January he had cancer that had spread from his prostate.

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Despite the toll of the disease and treatments, Miller presided over the Senate during the 90-day regular General Assembly session, although he occasionally missed time for chemotherapy and other medical appointments. Miller used a cane to make it up the steps to the rostrum and he joked about his thinning hair.

Miller pledged to keep senators updated on his health periodically until the next General Assembly session in January 2020.


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