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More than 60 properties are now on fire in Andover, Lawrence and North Andover.

The Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts, said the explosions were caused by “over-pressured gas valves”.

Power has been shut-off to all three affected towns.

Photos show firefighters working to contain fires in all three towns.

Multiple fire engines were pictured at the scene of a blaze in Lawrence.

Aerial footage showed multiple buildings of different sizes burning fiercely.

In some cases entire homes have been consumed by fire.

Smoke and flames can be seen shooting out of broken windows.

Multiple properties were photoed firmly ablaze.

One three story building, which appears to house several homes, has fire striking out of its roof.

A hose is firing water between the burning building and its neighbour, in what is likely an attempt to stop it spreading.

Another property, which has its own swimming pool, has fire and smoke shooting out of several windows.

Firefighters used ladders to fight an inferno on the top of a three storm building from above.

Several others operate hoses from ground level.

The area around many of the incidents was encased in thick smoke.

Streets appear eerily empty following evacuation orders.

Firefighters were pictured battling a blaze from the top of a raised platform.

In front of them a wall of fire and smoke can be seen.

Another property was pictured as flames engulfed its front wall.

The outline of the roof is barely visible behind the smoke.

Massachusetts State Police released a statement on Twitter saying: “Incidents are across a wide swath of dozens of blocks across Lawrence and North Andover.”

“Numerous evacuations of neighbourhoods where there are gas orders are underway.”

“Joint investigation will be conducted when situation is stabilised.”


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