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Actress Tiffany Smith who is playing the Duchess of Sussex in the upcoming film Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal has been studying Meghan for the past year. Ms Smith watched Meghan Markle and Harry gaze at each other during TV shows as she readied herself for the role. She said their relationship is “genuine” and compared the Duchess to Princess Diana.

Ms Smith told the Daily Telegraph: “Well, what I will say is that Harry gives Meghan the ‘I love you look’ a lot more than she does to him.

“I remember my grandmother would always tell me: ‘You need to make sure that the guy loves you more.’

“But I don’t know if that’s necessarily what I’d want.”

The actress added Meghan is “obviously an ambitious person” and not “subservient in any way”.

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Ms Smith also believes Meghan cries when she’s not in public.

She told the paper: “Oh, just because we don’t see Meghan crying in public, it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t sometimes felt that way.

“I had to take what we do know and guess how I – with a similar background – would have tried to handle some of the situations she’s been in.

“I do think there would have been a moment where she decided: ‘OK, I’m tired of being pushed in this direction now, and I’m going to stand up for myself.

“In the first film you see a moment where Meghan retreats into herself, in this one there’s a feeling of her saying: ‘Look – we are married now, and I’m not going anywhere, which is why I’m making a stand.

“So if you’re going to try and push my buttons, then I’m going to push right back.’ I certainly don’t see Meghan as subservient in any way.”

Ms Smith has also focused on Meghan’s mannerisms in order to replicate them.

She focused on Meghan’s “baby hair tuck”.

Ms Smith said: “She does this baby hair tuck a lot, where she doesn’t actually tuck it behind her ear, and she also looks up at people through her lashes, in a way that’s very like Diana.”


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