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A strand of grey hair on the Duchess of Sussex’s head was at the centre of a controversial Marie Claire article last year. Photographs appeared of The Duchess and Prince Harry’s visit to Belfast last year showing the grey hair. This lead to the infamous article that sparked outrage from fans after it was deemed “sexist”.

The controversial article read: “Meghan Markle has a single grey hair”.

But, the Duchess of Sussex won plaudits for rocking her grey hair with pride.

Now the silver strands from last year have vanished and fans are pondering the mystery.

While conventional wisdom dictates that pregnant women should avoid dyeing their hair experts believe that Meghan has used subtle styling techniques to cover the greys.

Jason Hogan, a colourist at Josh Wood Atelier, told the Daily Mail that the advice to avoid dyes whilst pregnant is outdated and in most cases, it is perfectly safe for women to dye their hair while expecting.

He added: “The chemicals in modern permanent cremes and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic.”

“Most research, although limited, suggests it’s safe to colour your hair while pregnant.”

“For any of my clients expecting, I opt first to keep the hair dimensional and multi-tonal; this is going to distract the eye from any white strands.”

During a trip to Merseyside last week keen-eyed fans spotted a hint of warm chestnut highlights in Megah’s hair, suggesting she may have adopted this colouring technique.

Jason added: “Your hairstyle can also exaggerate and draw attention to any areas of white hair.

“Ladies with curly and wavy hair usually get away with roots for longer than straight-haired counterparts.”

It has been found that hormonal changes during pregnancy can accelerate the greying process which only inflates the intrigue.


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