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The US President’s habits on Air Force One have been revealed by previous staffers who say he doesn’t sleep, according to CNN. Trump officials reportedly geared up for a difficult journey as the team spent 14 hours on a flight to Tokyo on Friday with the leader. He is said to call meetings at any time and stays up to gossip with colleagues.

Donald Trump has Fox News streaming constantly during the flight while his staff fear any negative headlines of him appearing.

He has taken a sleeping pill on occasion his doctor revealed last year but the President fails to sleep on the flight.

One person told CNN: “He will not go to sleep.”

The staff added there is nowhere for them to sleep on the plane as seats do not recline like most commercial aircraft.

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One official said: “It’s like being held captive.”

Staff told CNN they camp out on the floors of conference rooms or on leather benches along the side of the plane while some even bring yoga mats for comfort.

Trump differs from previous Presidents who chose to begin talks as soon as they land whereas Trump prefers to head to the hotel start discussions the following day.

Aides described him as an “impatient traveller”.

After two huge overseas trips in his first year of Presidency, Trump has changed his foreign travel to a few days at a time.

Trump will be treated to an imperial banquet and front row seats at a sumo tournament during his trip to Japan.

The President and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe share a warm relationship, which the Japanese leader aims to emphasise as Washington mulls tariffs on Japanese auto exports that the Trump administration views as a potential national security threat.

Trump and Mr Abe are expected to discuss trade during talks on Monday, but officials have played down the possibility of a deal during the visit.


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