Melania Trump State of the Union: Donald’s wife outfit is ‘nothing to do with Brexit’



It was a big night for US politics last night with the State of the Union held by Donald Trump. However, Melania’s stylist seem to have his mind on British politics. He made a statement claiming Melania Trump’s outfit was “nothing to do with Brext”. The black coat the First Lady wore was made by a British fashion house.

Melania Trump looked stunning in black at the State of the Union last night.

The First Lady of the United States wore a Burberry coat. Chic, with a long skirt, the coat dress costs £1,490.

However, eagled-eyed fans spotted Melania’s strange accessory.

Melania wore just one glove on her left hand.

However, her stylist has revealed this wasn’t the plan for her look initially.

Hervé Pierre told Yahoo! the First Lady’s gloves were “very First Lady, and very appropriate.”

He told the publication: “As long as I find the right outfit, the designer is almost irrelevant.

“The designer, well, is Burberry, but it could have been anybody else. It has nothing to do with England or Brexit.

“If I would have to think of all these things when I look at dresses and outfits, I would lose my mind.”

However, not everyone was a fan of the look.

One Twitter user wrote: “#MelaniaTrump has on black, along with black leather gloves…look like funeral attire to me!”

However, another said: “Loved your classy outfit always beautiful First Lady.”

“@FLOTUS could have worn a white outfit with a pink kitty hat and they would still be angry. #SOTU She looked gorgeous as usual,” another said.

Ivanka Trump wore a £3,000 outfit to watch Donald Trump give the State of the Union address. 

The 37-year-old wore Alexander McQueen, a British designer.

Melania Trump was mocked for inviting a boy to the State of the Union who was bullied for sharing her last night. 

Melania Trump tweeted a link to the White House website where the guests of the State of the Union were revealed.

The page features a picture of Joshua and a biography.


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