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Mick, 19, said the images are often used in articles about Schumacher but the pictures are not actually of him or his sister Gina, 21. Mick, who currently races in F2, said on Twitter: “These photos are often published because they supposedly show me as a child with my father. To clarify: these pictures here do NOT show me, and neither do they show Gina.

“I’m sorry for the people in these photos. I can only appeal to all media to remove them from their archives.”

It is not known who the children are in the picture but they may have been other young fans who Schumacher met.

Schumacher had a dramatic skiing accident in 2013 which has left him tragically bed-stricken.

The family has released only a handful of updates on Michael’s health in the past five years.

But last month, just days before the champion’s 50th birthday, Michael’s beloved wife, Corinna, released a rare statement, in which she reassured his supporters Michael is in “good hands” and the family are doing “everything humanly possible to help him”.

The German driver was placed in a medically induced coma for nearly six months but then in June 2014 was discharged from hospital and has since been receiving medical care at home near Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

She said: “We are pleased and wholeheartedly thank you for celebrating Michael’s 50th birthday with him and with us.

“You can be sure that he is in good hands and we are doing everything humanly possible to help him.”

Schumacher’s career saw him amass a record seven world titles and the most amount of wins (91) ever for a driver.

Mick has followed in his talented father’s footsteps and won the F3 title last year.


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