Millennials travelling to Osaka now have a new lifestyle hotel by Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Company, Ltd.



The stylish Japanese lifestyle hotel, “Canvas”, will open in Osaka’s booming Kitahama district. The Royal Park Canvas Osaka Kitahama will offer new concepts aiming to attractMillennialslooking for exceptional and individual travel experiences.

TOKYO, June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On Friday June 7, 2019, Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Company, Ltd. will launch the third hotel of its “CANVAS” line, The Royal Park Canvas Osaka Kitahama.

The relatively new “CANVAS” line has been designed to specifically attract travellers of the millennial generation (born 1981 – 1996), considered to have a different approach to travelling by putting travel experience first. The name “CANVAS” corresponds to guests’ ability to create their own experience utilizing spaces and services offered by the hotel to match their own personal style and interests, similar to painting their own picture on a canvas.

In 2018 five hotels of Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Company, Ltd., part of the Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd, received the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence demonstrating that the group is in touch with their customers’ needs.

The hotel’s key objective is to create individual travel experiences based on the following three concepts. “Connect travellers and Locals” enables travellers who like to go beyond visiting famous sightseeing spots and restaurants and also experience the town’s daily life through collaborative events with local companies and organizations. “CANVAS Stretch” aims to counteract travel-related tiredness and provide an energy boost with original content created and taught by World Yoga Champion, Yukari Miwa, via interactive TV in rooms and an AR (augmented reality) app for smartphones. Finally the interior design concept “TRANSFORMED CLASSIC” expresses hospitality combined with photogenic and modern room designs.

Being 1 hour from popular destinations such as Kyoto, Nara and Kobe, Osaka is not only a popular destination in itself, but also a great travellers’ hub. According to the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, the number of foreign tourists tripled between 2014 and 2017 to 11.11 million people, with a particularly high share of Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese. The strong growth in tourism numbers created an obvious need for more hotel space, preferably with a view of the venue of the upcoming 2025 Expo in Osaka.

“Our hotel connects with travellers’ need for their own individual travel experience all the way from the choice of our location in the trendy Kitahama district, with its mix of historical sites and trendsetting cafes along the river, to our customizable service offering for our guests,” affirms Kazuhiro Shibasaki, General Manager, The Royal Park Canvas Osaka Kitahama. “The buzzing environment of our location is perfectly aligned with our key concepts.”

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