Miracle baby has heart removed in major surgery and survives despite being just days old



Mum Kayleigh Dingle, 25, said he survived his first operation in May at just six-days-old and had another a week later – which lasted ten hours.

This saw Eddie’s heart – described as the size of a ‘walnut’ – surgically removed while surgeons carried out the intricate procedures.

Ms Dingle, from Probus, Cornwall, said: “Eddie has transposition of the great arteries, which is a congenital heart defect.

“He was put onto a bypass machine and he was such a little warrior and got through it all. Having your first baby is scary enough without all that.”

After the operation Eddie had to remain in hospital for five weeks and then in July he had to return to Bristol for a third operation.

Ms Dingle added: “Eddie’s doing really well now, but three operations in the space of three months is a lot to take.

“His heart was the size of a walnut, and the surgery was very complex.”

Ms Dingle and her fiancé Curtis Newberry, 28, had to stay in Bristol often during Eddie’s time there.

They are now raising money to thank the Ronald McDonald charity which provided them with accommodation.

She said: “Bristol is a long way from Cornwall, and five weeks is a long time, so without Ronald McDonald we wouldn’t have been able to afford to stay there for five weeks, because a hotel cost £100 a night.

“It cost us just £20 for five weeks to stay at Ronald McDonald.

“Without this, we wouldn’t have been able to stay up there with our poorly baby.”

The family have so far raised £7,000.


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