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– Not having enough water and making sure water is safe are concerns for every city, state and country in the world, so what if you could take the endless supply of water in the air and use it to make drinking water? One South Florida company says the answer is in the air.

Doug Marcille is the founder of Atmospheric Water Solutions in Broward County. The machine is called the Aqua Boy.

“The air is pulled through this filter and once it’s through it touches these condensation coils and is chilled,” explained Marcille.

The condensation then becomes rain and it collects into a collection tray and then goes to a tank. There’s an ultra violet light bulb to make sure the water is pure and sanitized. It meets EPA definition of purified water.

The Aqua Boy can produce five gallons of water a day so long as the humidity is at least 60 percent.

“We have a 5,100 gallon a day one installed on top of a hospital,” said Marcille.

It’s perfect in a pinch he says whether there is a storm or not.

“If you have storage containers and wait until it is full then drain it into containers you could wind up with 20, 30, or 40 gallons of water you could use over an extended period of time,” said Marcille.

He hopes of the sake of business and for everyone that the technology is the first step in solving some of the world’s problems like water availability, sustainability and water quality.

“We’re not going to run out of water in the air,” said Marcille about taping into Florida’ unlimited resource, humidity.

This story comes from WTVT in Tampa, FL.


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