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Premium bond prizes have this month granted two people a hefty million-pound sum, and 200 people with amounts ranging from £5,000 to £100,000. The monthly premium bond releases are chosen by the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment (ERNIE), from a prize pot worth millions. Since it was invented in 1956, ERNIE has chosen millions of winners, with prizes totalling more than £19 billion. Here we reveal exactly who won the high amounts for February, and how you can check if you have any prizes.

Who won the February premium bonds jackpot?

State-owned savings bank National Savings and Investments (NS&I) are responsible for choosing and rewarding national savings bonds each month.

This month, they have a prize fund of more than £92 million and 3.2 million prizes to win.

NS&I have released their highest value winners and locations for the month if you want to check if you have won a smaller amount you can visit their website.

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This month’s high-value premium bond winners have been included below:

– £1,000,000 – 196XA565201 – Humberside

– £1,000,000 – 227WY227831 – Devon

– £100,000 – 7MG434190 – Southampton

– £100,000 – 269YJ522764 – Surrey

– £100,000 – 81KS374600 – Hampshire and Isle of Wight

– £100,000 – 345NZ603157 – Northamptonshire

– £100,000 – 164KB657567 – Outer London

– £50,000 – 264YC713698 – Outer London

– £50,000 – 298JA983156 – North Yorkshire

– £50,000 – 80HC064256 – Avon

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What are premium bonds?

Premium bonds are essentially a savings account run by NS&I which people can put money into.

The minimum deposit for an account is £100 and the maximum is £50,000.

Each pound in an account is assigned a unique value code, which is later chosen by ERNIE in the monthly draw.

Choosing these values each month determines the interest people gain on their savings.

The more money you have in the account, the more chances you have to win, as each pound in an account of £30,000 would be represented by one code.

This means there would be 30,000 total chances to win in the prize draw every month.

While this seems like a highly lucrative opportunity, the chances of winning are too low for an NS&I account to really pay off.

The top £1 million prize comes with winning chances of one in 35,926,766,878, and a small amount of just £25 is still steep at one in 24,000, according to Martin Lewis of

Cash ISA or savings accounts are on average much more effective for savings, with interest rates of up to five percent.


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