Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch’s secret style hack revealed – have you ever spotted it?



Queen Elizabeth, 92, is always impeccably dressed no matter what event she attends around the world. But, just like the average Briton, she still has to choose her clothes carefully for her physique. There’s one thing about her body in particular which means clothes have to be cleverly tailored, it has been revealed. The dressers who style her Majesty have to include one important addition to all her outfits. 

The Queen has a secret fashion hack for making sure she looks good when she steps out.

One of her shoulders is reported to be higher than the other, and the royal has a canny solution to this.

The monarch wears an extra shoulder pad on one side to give the illusion that her shoulders are the same height.

The style hacks for the UK’s longest reigning monarch do not stop there, however.

As a busy woman when she attends events, the Queen opts for clothes that fasten with zips.

These are used wherever possible to enable her to make several changes in one day without disturbing her hair or risking make-up smudges.

Practical wardrobe choices are popular with the Queen. She also prefers three-quarter length sleeves to ensure they cannot trail in soup.

Her shoes – although chic – will always favour practicality with a heel height of 2 1/4 inches.

Each of Queen Elizabeth’s black patent work shoes have an added insole for comfort.

To make sure her shoes will stay comfortable, an assistant with the same-sized feet will wear her shoes in for her first.

A royal expert has revealed what happens to the Queen’s outfits when she eventually tires of them.

“The Queen’s clothes are a constant source of comment in the media and she will wear a favourite outfit for years,” wrote author Brian Hoey in his 2011 book Not in Front of the Corgis. 

“When she finally tires of it, she will hand it to one of her dressers, who can either wear it or sell it.

“[There is] one proviso,” he said, “all labels must be removed and anything that could possibly identify it as having come from royalty obliterated.”

If items are sold, does this mean anyone could end up buying an outfit once worn by the Queen of England?

Incredibly, the answer is yes. Royal attire has ended up on sale to the general public before – but most likely no one had a clue.

“One frock found its way to a jumble sale near Sandringham, but in spite of its obvious quality, it failed to sell,” wrote Hoey.

Many of the Queen’s clothes are designed and made at the palace by senior dresser Angela Kelly and her team.


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